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KHBbS Walkthrough [Aqua]


  • In this walkthrough, if it is not that important, I’ll not tell you to go level up or get better commands or stuffs like that. They’re just UP. TO. YOU.

Land of Departure

Starting Commands


  • Quick Blitz – Attached with Scan. Mastered.
  • Thunder
  • Blizzard


  • Finish

Boss– Orbs of Light

  • Just attack with your regular attack. Sometimes the orb will emit spike-like rays of light. It is damaging! Beware! Use Cartwheel [Square + Analog] or Reflect Barrier [Square] to avoid getting damaged. Dying right at the beginning is not a good omen!


  • “Spellweaver” Command Style. Activates by filling the command gauge with magic commands.
  • An increase in Maximum HP.
  • NOTE: It's good thing if you return to this world as earliest as possible. Since it also has some chests in it too. In the Summit, there're three chests. One near the table-like rock which contains a Shimmering Crystal, and another two left to the path to the Mountain Path which contain a Bind command and a Hi-Potion. At the Mountain Path, go to where the pathway is broken, there is a chest that contains a Fleeting Crystal.

World completion rewards

  • Ventus Dimension Link
  • Terra Dimension Link
  • Land of Departure Command Board

Castle of Dreams

  • You’ll arrive at the Foyer. At this time, no Unversed will appear so it’s good to collect all the treasures here!
  • From the starting spot, go to the left. You’ll find a chest with a Fleeting Crystal. Then go to the opposite side of the stair, you’ll find a chest with a Barrier Surge command
  • NOTE: Barrier Surge is a good command! Be sure not to meld it. Because while using it, the barrier produced will also protect you from all blockable attacks! Very useful in boss battles.
  • Then, go up the stairs, on the left corridor, you’ll find a chest with a Potion. After that, go back to the stairs, you’ll see a sticker. Jump to catch it. You’ll receive Fireworks Sticker. Then go to the right corridor, at the end of it, you’ll see a chest. It contains Thunderstorm shotlock.
  • After taking all the treasures, go to the Ballroom at the center of the second floor. You’ll receive a Map. There’re no treasures here so go back to the Foyer.
  • You’ll meet the Unversed for the first time here. Quick Blitz is already mastered so you can switch with Barrier Surge. It’s also better to start leveling from here so clear all the Unversed and go down the stair to the Corridor. Also, beware the Bruiser. Since Aqua has low defense, all of its attacks are highly damaging if you’re too careless.
  • Again, the Corridor is full of Unversed. Defeat them all and then go straight to the Palace Courtyard.
  • At the Palace Courtyard, go down the stairs and turn left, just under the stairs is a chest with a Hi-Potion. Far to the left at the wall is another chest with Slow.
  • You’ll see a sticker. But guess what? You can’t reach it with your Jump. Return later when you’ve received “a better jump”. You’ll also see a save point! Whee, the first save point!
  • Go to the gates. But before going through it, you’ll see a chest at your far left. It contains a Potion.
  • Now, go through the gate to the Forest. There’re many Unversed here so you can do some leveling here if you like. Go straight through the pathway, you’ll reach The Chateau.
  • Now, you’ll see a save point and a Moogle Shop. At this point, you should grind some more levels for the later boss fight. In this place, go to another side of the house. You’ll see a large chest with a Magic Recipe. Walk to the door to trigger a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene, talk to Fairy Godmother to shrink yourself and proceed.

Mission –Escort Jaq

  • You’ll meet Jaq. He’s carrying the key that can unlock Cinderella’s room. However, Unversed are in the way. You’ll have to protect Jaq from them. While also making your way to the mouse hole. The command “Avenger Save” will occasionally appear when Jaq is in danger.


  • “Thunderbolt” Command Style. Fill the command gauge with Thunder-based commands. NOTE: The computer will favor this Command Style over Spellweaver. So, even if you fill the command gauge with Thunder spell, from now on, it won’t turn you into Spellweaver. However, if you used another magic command and that increased the gauge by the same amount of that Thunder spell, it will turn you into Spellweaver.
  • After the battle, you’ll see that Cinderella got her slippers and is going to the castle. However, you’ll hear a scream. And the duke tells you that Cindy got attacked by a monster. Go to the Forest and prepare for a boss fight!

Boss – Cursed Carriage

  • Recommended Level – 7
  • You’ll see that Cindy’s evil stepmother and sisters laughs at her. However, they got bombed instead…
  • In this battle, as the “information” says, guarding is the key. Not only it protects you from damage, it also relinquishes HP balls too. After you guarded its attacks, a command “Turnover” will appear. Use it to turn the Unversed over and make it unable to move for a while. Beware of its inhaling attack as it causes a lot of damage. Tap O to reduce the time of being damaged. This boss likes to move around so using long-ranged commands is also recommended. Shotlock is also very effective.


  • An increase in Maximum HP.
  • An increase in Deck Command slot.
  • Whee, Cindy now meets the Prince. And the Happy Ending occurs.

World completion rewards

  • Cinderella Dimension Link.
  • “Stroke of Midnight” Keyblade “A Keyblade that makes it easier to land critical hits”.
  • Castle of Dreams Command Board.

Dwarf Woodlands

  • Okay, you’ll see a cutscene in which Snow White ate a poisoned apple and collapse.
  • Aqua will arrive while the seven dwarves were mourning over her death. They will tell Aqua everything.
  • In this area, go to the back of the dwarves’ house. You’ll see a chest. Open it to get a Payback Surge. This command is EXTREMELY similar to the Barrier Surge you obtained earlier. Then, Go to the small creek on your left. There will be a junction. Follow the separated creek and you’ll see a chest. Open it to get a Poison command. Then, enter the dwarves’ house. You’ll see a big chest. Open it to get the Attack Recipe.
  • Go to the Moogle Shop, you’ll see that the “Cure” command is available for purchase! Buy and equip it to increase your survivability.
  • After getting the treasures, exit the house, save, then go to the left to the Deep Forest.
  • Once you’re in the Deep Forest, you’ll see a chest to your immediate left. And another one in front of you. Open them to get a Potion and Ether. Proceed further and you’ll see a chest very far away. It contains a Hi-Potion. Proceed to the next area.
  • Now, you’re in the Flower Glade. Look at the right side, you’ll see a chest. It contains a Hungry Crystal. Now, proceed to the next area.
  • You’re now in the Courtyard. Aqua will meet the Prince who came here looking for Snow White. Aqua tells him that Snow White was poisoned. The Prince is shocked and rushed to Snow White.
  • Once you regain controls, go up the stairs and you’ll see a chest. Open it to get a Fleeting Crystal. Then, under the stairs, you’ll find a large chest. Open it to get a Map. Then go further to the left. You’ll see a super high platform with a chest. You can’t reach it right now. Just grab a sticker, which is the Basket sticker and go to the right side of the area. Save, and then go straight through. Before you enter the new area, look at your right, you’ll see another chest. Open it to get a Potion.
  • Now, you’re in the Underground Waterway. Go to the left path. You’ll reach a big area with an access to another area. But, we should get all the treasures here first. Now, hit the wheel-like switch. It will then open the gate on the left. Go through it then go up the stairs. You’ll see a chest and a wheel-like switch again. Open the chest to get a Shimmering Crystal. Now, before you hit this switch, be aware that this switch opens TWO gates. The opened gates will be at your left when you face the wall opening. Okay, hit the switch, and try to get pass the second gate. You’ll see a chest. Open it to get Fire command. On your way, you’ll see a chest which behind the second gate. Don’t worry; just do the same things again. That chest contains a Fleeting Crystal. Once you’ve got all the treasures, proceed to the next area.
  • You’re now in the Vault. Be aware that all of the big chests here are disguised Unversed. Go to a small staircase on the left. You’ll see a chest. It contains a Shimmering Crystal. Like I said, the next big chest is Unversed. Now, drop down from the platform. Go to your right and you’ll see a chest. Open it to get a Balloon Letter. Now, you’ll also see something that can be targeted. Equip the Fire command and use it on the target. It will make bubbles so you can reach the platform up there. Once you’re up there, look at the right side for a chest. It contains a Magnet command. Also, look up high, you’ll see a sticker. But you can’t reach it. Now drop down to the ground floor in front of the door to the next area. Then go to a corner on your immediate right. You’ll see a chest and a disguised big chest. The real chest contains a Potion. Now, proceed through the door and prepare for a boss battle!

Boss – Spirit of the Magic Mirror

  • Recommended Level – 10
  • For an unknown reason, the Magic Mirror sucks Aqua in a realm and fights her.
  • This battle has many tricks to deal with. Only when the spirit glows blue you can attack it. If it disappear and surrounds you with two rows of its copies, quickly chain Cartwheel further until they disappear to avoid the projectiles. If it fires a white projectile at you, that projectile cannot be blocked so you’ll have to Cartwheel away to avoid getting inflicted by Confused status. If it surrounds you in a circle, right before they’re about to fire the projectiles, try to lock-on. You’ll see the real spirit. Quickly go to attack! If it connects, it will stop its attack.


  • An increase in Deck Command slot.
  • Okay, now Aqua has got out of the Mirror who says that the Queen is gone. Then, Aqua goes back to the Dwarves’ house and sees the Prince kisses Snow White who then opens her eyes. Whee, now, the Happy Ending occurs again.

World completion rewards

  • Snow White Dimension Link
  • “Treasure Trove” Keyblade. “A Keyblade that makes up for its short reach with a balanced boost in Strength and Magic.

Enchanted Dominion

  • You’ll arrive at the Forbidden Mountains. Now, look behind, you’ll spot a chest. It contains a Hi-Potion. Then go up to the castle.
  • You’ll be in the Gates and will also meet a new group of enemies, Maleficent's Goons. They have high attack power and some can attack from afar. Attacking them with magic will make them go frenzied. Go to the left side of the area and jump up on the broken stairs. Go up and at the wall you'll see a chest. Open it to get a Sleep command. Now get down and go through a gate and then go behind the wide stairs, you'll see a chest. Open it to get a Cure command. Now go up the stairs to proceed to the next area.
  • You see Ventus argues with Maleficent. The Aqua joins the argument, encouraging Ventus. Then Ventus runs off. After a brief conversation, Aqua falls into a hole created by Maleficent's magic.
  • Then you'll be in the Prison Cell and will met Prince Philip and fairies. He will tell Aqua everything. Now, after you regain control, you will see a big chest, a save point, and a Moogle Shop. Open the chest to get the Map. Save, and check out the Moogle Shop for the commands you'd like to have. After you're ready, exit the cell.
  • You'll be in the Dungeon. Go up the stairs and you'll see a sticker that you can't reach just above you. Go left and proceed to the next area.
  • There'll be a bunch of Goons here. You must defeat them together with Prince Philip. Beware that the goons deal high damage.
  • After you beat them, you can wander here around to get some chests. Now go to the left pathway. You'll be in the Dungeon again, but at a different place. Go along the hallway until you reach the end, then look right. It's a chest that contains a Hi-Potion. You'll also see a chest on the far platform. You can't reach it now. It contains an Ice Barrage command. Now go back to the Audience Chamber and to Maleficent's Throne.
  • Now, go right and up the stairs and look right, you'll see a chest that contains a Confusion Strike command. Then go back to the Gates.

Mission - Exit the Castle

  • There will be many goons here. You'll need to kill them. While clearing out the goons, Prince Philip will show some sort of sign. Get near him and Press Square to reach the higher platform. Once you reach the high platform, go along the platform. At your first left turn, look right, you'll see a chest. It contains a Wellspring Crystal. Now go further and hit a valve. The gate will open. Proceed the the next one.
  • Again, do the same thing as the first platform. Once on the platform, go along it. Go up the small stair. In the circular area there will be two chests. They contain Absolute Zero shotlock and a Pulsing Crystal. Now go hit the valve to end the battle.


  • High Jump

  • You'll be in the Forbidden Mountain again. Go down and proceed to the next area.
  • You'll be in the Waterside. Go straight forward, you'll see a chest that contains an Ether. Now go straight, you'll see another chest. Open it to get a Balloon Letter. Now go straight again, near the path to the next area, there's a chest that contains a Potion. Now go to the Forest Clearing.
  • You'll see a chest, a sticker and a save point. The chest contains a Hi-Potion. And the sticker is Flower Sticker. Save then get ready for the Boss battle.

Boss - Maleficent Dragon

  • Recommended Level - 15
  • Now, Maleficent's plan is about to failed since the Prince is going to Aurora. She will transform in to a dragon. And you must fight her together with Prince Philip. Whenever Prince Philip shows the signal, quickly get close to him and press Square. Since it will do many good things like stopping the green fire, jumping on Maleficent's back and all. Be sure to heal when necessary and try to finish this battle as fast as possible.


  • An increase in Maximum HP
  • Firestorm Command Style. Activates by filling the command gauge with Fire-based commands.
  • It's seem like she's not defeated yet. But the fairies arrive and empower the Prince's sword. He then hurls it. Whee, Maleficent is finished. And then the happy ending occurs again.

World completion Rewards

  • Fairy Stars Keyblade. "A Keyblade that provides a balanced boost in Strength and Magic."
  • Xehanort Report 6

Radiant Garden

  • Aqua sees Terra. So she follows him to the Radiant Garden.
  • You'll arrive in the Central Square and she will go talk to Scrooge. She asks if he has seen Terra. Scrooge says he has and tells Aqua that the person was going to the castle.
  • From the center of the Area, go left. You'll see a chest that contains an Ether. Now go to the opposite side of the area. You'll see another chest. It contains a Potion. Now go left along to path and proceed to the next area.
  • You'll be in the Gardens. There're many Unversed here. Beware of the Mandrake since it can attack from afar. After the first group of Unversed, go left. There is a chest. Open it to get a Zero Gravity command. Now go straight along the way and up the stairs. Make a U-Turn right after you reach the top. At the end of the pathway is a chest than contains a Strike Raid command. Now go straight past the stairs. At a corner, there is a chest. Open it to get a Wellspring Crystal. Then go up the stairs then turn left. At the wall there is a chest that contains a Fleeting Crystal. Now proceed to the next area.
  • You'll be in the Front Doors and you'll see a Save point, a sticker, a big chest and a small chest. You can't reach the sticker yet. Inside the big chest is the Map and in the small one is a Panacea Now Save and go up the stairs for a cutscene.
  • A girl is being cased by the Unversed. The girl got to Aqua's side and touched Aqua's Keyblade then Mickey Mouse arrive. You'll need to fight multiple Unversed with Mickey

Mission - Eliminate the Unversed

  • Not much of strategy is used here. Just defeat them. Mickey is very strong and sometimes he'll call out "Let's team up!". Get near him and press Square to trigger the Burst of Faith command. This move is really strong and you won't be hit while performing it.
  • Aqua tells Mickey that she senses a pure light inside this girl. Mickey then asks Aqua to tream up with him. But before Aqua can accept, his Star Shard activates and he gets teleported again. Then the girl gives Aqua her flowers and tells Aqua that her name is Kairi. Then after Aqua introduces herself, Kairi's Grandmother calls out for Kairi. Then Aqua puts a spell on Kairi's charm. Aqua then overhears the tales of the Light and Darkness. Then Aqua sees a giant Unversed flies pass by. She then follows it.


  • Mickey Dimension Link
  • Destiny's Embrace Keyblade. "A Keyblade that makes it easier to land critical hits."
  • After you regain controls, immediately turns right and walk to the end. There is a chest than contains a Mine Square command. Now go down the stairs and proceed to the Gardens.
  • Once you're in the Gardens go to the gate which is broken and prepare for a boss battle.

Boss - Trinity Armor

  • Recommanded Level - 17
  • You'll rejoin with Terra and Ventus here.
  • The Unversed FUSION!
  • Since it deals high damage, it's a good idea to stay far to the boss and let you friends do the melee jobs. Guarding and Cartwheeling are important here. The boss can fire an enormous laser and stay still while firing so this is the chance to attack the boss. It can also rush toward you. Cartwheel to avoid getting damage and knocked back. The boss has many parts. But once a part is defeated, they will split into two parts. The two part can generate electricity between themselves. Stay away and use magic commands to avoid damage. It can also produces fireballs and rains it on you. Chaining Cartwheel will help you out. They can also spin themselves to deal damage to players near them. It can also shoot many lasers around. Guard to protect yourself. Once another part is destroyed, it will relinquishes HP balls. Be sure to collect it if low on HP. To win this battle, you must know when to get close and when to back off. Shotlock is also effective to finish the remaining part.


  • An increase in Maximum HP
  • Bladecharge Command Style. Activates by filling the command gauge while being in a LV1 style with Fire-based and Blizzard-based commands.

  • After that, they finish it off. Ventus will give Aqua and Terra tickets to Disney Town. However, after a brief conversation about Ventus and Terra, Terra accuses Aqua for spying on him and runs off. Ventus follows him saying Aqua has changed.
  • After you regain controls, go to the next area.
  • You'll be in the Aqueduct. There is a chest along the path. Open it to get a Hi-Potion. Go straight to the end of the path. You'll see two chests. They contain a Thundara command and a Guard Recipe. Then look back, there's a sticker. You can reach it with High Jump lv3. After getting the treasures, go through a small bridge. At the edge of the platform at the end of the bridge, there's a chest. It contains a Hi-Potion. Go down and along the path to proceed to the Fountain Court.
  • From here, jump to the platform to the left, then to another one, then fall down and again. Then jump onto the sprinkler to reach the high platform. Then jump to the last one. You'll see two chests. They contain a Counter Blast command and a Soothing Crystal. Now jump down and go up the stairs and a path to the next area.
  • You'll meet Merlin. He'll invite you to his house. Follow him and read the shining book inside to unlock the 100 Acre Woods Command Board. Inside Merlin's house there is a chest that contains Xehanort Report 3. Go out and you'll see a sticker, a Save point and a "real" Moogle Shop. Save then prepare for the boss fight after you proceed to the Central Square.

Boss - Vanitas I

  • Recommended Level - 17
  • Guarding and Cartwheeling are again, important in this battle. Sometimes while you're attacking, he'll teleport above you and counterattack. Guard and counter his attacks with the newly received Counter Blast. The boss will go down easily with well-timed attacks and guards. Shotlock is not recommanded since to boss is very fast.


  • An increase in Deck Command slot.

  • Aqua then tries to remove Vanitas's mask but then Vanitas laughs. He then opens the Corridor of Darkness congratulating Aqua and saying she's a "backup". Ventus then rushes to Aqua after she decides to stop Vanitas. She asks if Ventus managed to find Terra. Ven replies that he did. But Terra is gone. Aqua then decides to go further. Ventus asks to go with Aqua but she refuses and tell Ventus to go back. She then leaves the saddened Ventus behind.
  • No world completion rewards.
  • Also, Esuna is now available from the Shop. Get one and meld with your Barrier to get a "Renewal Barrier".

Disney Town <Story>

  • You'll have to visit this world again for some commands unreachable now.
  • You'll arrive in the Main Plaza and will meet Captain Justice. He shows off with some slogans and makes Aqua become WTH. She'll then ignore him. He's persistent so Aqua drives him off, not before Horace Horsecollar cries for help. He says that there're monsters at the Fruitball court. Aqua thinks they're the Unversed while Capt. J refuses to help. After a brief more conversation, Captin Justice runs off then Aqua will agree to help.
  • After you regain control, circle the area, you'll get a Map and a Potion from chests. Save, then proceed to Horace and get ready for Fruitball!

Mission - Win a match in Fruitball

  • In Fruitball, you'll have three options to hit numerous giant fruits back to the opponent's court. One is normal slashing. Two is spinning the fruit so it goes curve. Three is hitting up and smash it at the opponent.
  • Grapes can be scattered by smashing. And each one counts as a score.
  • Bananas can be scattered by smashing, in which it lays banana traps on the court. Stepping on it makes the character slip and stunned for a while.
  • Pineapples can be smashed to the opponent to make the character hit by the fruit stunned.


  • Balloon Letter
  • Then Aqua meets Queen Minnie, who comes to thanks Aqua. Horace then explains that Captain Justice is actually Pete (obviously) and about the Million Dreams Award.
  • Then another cutscene shows that Terra, Aqua, and Ventus all wins the Million Dreams Award. Pete is unsatisfied so Minnie called the guards (broomsticks) to carry Pete away. Aqua then gets the Million Dreams Award on Ventus and Terra's behalf. She then gets the Royalberry ice cream. In which is very delicious.
  • Then we'll see that Pete got banished. Then Maleficent rescues him in exchange of Pete being her servant. Pete agrees then Maleficent summons the Corridor of Darkness to let Pete out.

World completion rewards

  • Disney Town Command Board
  • You can visit this place to explore more minigames.

Olympus Coliseum

  • You'll arrive at the front of the coliseum. Aqua then sees many of the Unversed. Phil then shows off....then flees, calling Hercules for help.

Mission - Eliminate all the Unversed

  • Hercules will assist you this time.
  • He deals very low damage...
  • If he passes out (due to loss of HP), he will wake up after a while.
  • If he's about to be hit by a fatal blow, you can press Square to protect him and counter the attack using Avenger Save.
  • No rewards
  • Then Phil congratulates them and Herc talks about Terra. They say that Terra is really strong champion. Aqua then thinks that Terra isn't here. However, Phil says that he will let Aqua enter the game so that she might meet Terra. She agrees but then disagree to have a trainer.
  • After you regain control, goes to a left corner (when you face the vestibule) with boards, there's a chest that contains a Mega Potion. Then goes behind a group of pillars left to the door to the vestibule to get a Cura. Then goes to the right of the right statue to get a Fire Strike. There's also a sticker on the right side behind you.
  • Go into the vestibule. A large chest contains a map. Talk to Phil then prepare for series of battles.

Mission - Complete all battles in time

  • Just complete each rounds in time


  • An increase in HP

  • After that Aqua says that she won't met Terra, even in the final. Zack comes and tell her that after he wins against her, he will have a chance to fight Terra. Aqua is confused so Phil explains that there're two brackets and after the finals, the winner of the two brackets fight against each other.
  • Then go to Phil for a boss battle with Zack.

Boss - Zack

  • He is easy, really. So no level recommendations.
  • Just spam magic commands on him should do. Or even shotlocks for an easier victory.
  • He is not immune to Stop and Slow status effects.


  • An increase in Deck Command slot.
  • Yeah, he lost. Then Hades appears. He's disappointed that the winner is just a girl. Hades explains about Zack (brainwashed) and Terra's fight to lure out *Terra's darkness. He declares that Aqua will have to face him next, then disappears.
  • Go to Phil to start the boss battle

Boss - Ice Colossus & Hades

  • Recommended Level - 26
  • The Ice Colossus is vulnerable to Fire-based attacks. So prepare with Fire commands to get into Firestorm Command Style.
  • Take on Hades first since he has lower HP.
  • Hades will go on berserk state. During that time, he's invulnerable so attack the Ice Colossus instead.
  • Barrier plays a major role in defense.


  • Diamond Dust Command Style. Activates by filling the command gauge with Blizzard-based commands.
  • So, Aqua is the champ so Zack asks Aqua to go on a date with him to celebrate which, of course, she denied. Then Zack says that after he becomes a Hero, Aqua must go out with him. He runs off then Herc, just finished his training, comes and notices that Aqua's face is red (lol). SShe then tells Herc that Strength alone won't make him a hero.

World completion rewards

  • Zack Dimension Link
  • Mark of a Hero Keyblade. - "A Keyblade that provides an extra boost in Strength and deals higher damage when you land a critical hit."

Deep Space

  • You'll arrive in a spaceship. Which has many Unversed.

Mission - Eliminate all the Unversed

  • Just defeat them.

  • After that, Aqua finds a star-shaped artifact on the ground, which she thinks it looks like a Wayfinder. Then suddenly a creature takes it from her. That creature notices the Keyblade Aqua is holding but before they have more conversation, Gantu comes and asks Aqua if she has seen the Experiment 626. (that creature hides) Aqua doesn't know about things here so Gantu explains about it. Aqua realizes it's that creature so she tells him that he's in the ventilation system. Gantu suspects Aqua of intruding so he brings her to the Grand Councilwoman. Aqua explains that she followed the Unversed here and her Keyblade is the only weapon that can destroy them. So the Grand Councilwoman accepts her assistance then explains about the things here. She then asks Aqua to do more favor, to capture the Experiment 626 and Dr.Jumba.
  • After you regain control, as seen in the cutscene, there's a chest behind your position. It contains an Ether. Go out the door and you'll find another chest which contains a Balloon Letter.
  • Go to the right door and then along the way. Then to another door, you'll be in the place where you started. Next to the green machine in the center of the map, there's a chest which contains a Hi-Potion. After that, go to the red-ish portal.

Mission - Eliminate all the Unversed

  • This time you'll use your Keyblade Rider to defeat them
  • You have two options of attacking. Press Triangle to spin your Keyblade Rider around and press Circle to shoot homing arrows.
  • Press Square to cast a protective barrier and press X to jump.
  • At the corners, there're spinners. When you enter the circle around them, you'll spin at high speed. You can then press Circle to launch. Enemies take damage on contact with you for a short time.


  • Air Slide.
  • Afterwards, Aqua finds that Wayfinder-like artifact.
  • After you regain control, go to the center of the map. You will then teleport to another map.
  • The large chest behind you contains a Map. Save, then go to the left.
  • Aqua then meets the Experiment again. She then protects him from the Unversed. Suddenly, the Unversed surrounds them.

Mission - Eliminate all the Unversed

  • Experiment 626 will assist you this time.
  • You can get near the Experiment to perform a special attack "Astro Shot" in which you throw the Experiment into one of the Unversed.


  • An increase in maximum HP
  • After that Aqua thanks him for helping. She then asks what is he looking for. He replies "Terra" then runs off.
  • Back at the Control Room, the Grand Councilwoman says that Dr.Jumba and the Experiment 626 have been sighted in the Launch Deck.
  • Exit the Control Room on the left. You're in the Ship Hub. Go down the bottom, you'll spot a chest. It contains a Fire Surge. Then activates the machine which manipulates the gravity so you can jump really high. At the center of the map, floating in the middle of the height is a UFO Sticker. There's another machine. Switch it off, then go to the platform opposite with Air Slide to the machine to get a chest which contains a Spectrum Shower shotlock. Then go back

and switch the machine on again. After that, go to the top and prepare for the boss battle.

  • Aqua sees Dr.Jumba and the Experiment however, when the Experiment sees the artifact, he takes it from Aqua's hand. After a brief conversation on how did he obtains this thing, Gantu interrupts the conversation with his laser gun.

Boss - Gantu

  • Recommended Level - 28
  • Experiment 626 will assist you again.
  • Just keep attacking with the Keyblade. You can also use Shotlocks and special attack with the Experiment to make him immobile for a while. Timing is important. Attacking with spells is not recommended since Gantu can fire his laser gun but you can deflect the shots back to him anyway.


  • An increase in Deck Command slot.

  • After that, Grand Councilwoman come to stop the battle. She thanks Aqua for her assistance and orders Gantu to go a patrol, much to his dismay. Aqua then asks the Grand Councilwoman to consider sparing the Experiment, in which she accepts.

World completion rewards

  • Experiment 626 (Stitch) Dimension Link
  • Hyperdrive Keyblade. "A Keyblade with above-average reach that provides a balanced boost in Strength and Magic"
  • Deep Space Command Board
  • There're many treasures in the Turo Prison Block (where you fight with Stitch for the first time). The chests are in the lighted rooms.


  • Aqua finds the treasure map so she gets to be the leader of the "expatition". She has to find her friend so she can't be the leader. Peter Pan then says he'd have to call off the treasure hunt, much to the boys disappointment. Aqua, seeing the boys face, then agrees to join them in their "expatition".
  • After you regain control, go straight to exit the area. There's a large chest and a Save point to your left. The chest contains the Map. Across the river, there's also a chest which contains a Mega Potion. Now go to the left for the next area.
  • At the center of the map is Peter's Hideout. You'll find a save point and a Moogle Shop here. There're also two chests deep inside. They contain a Mine Shield and an Elixir. Now exit the hideout then go to the next area. There's also a chest near the portal and a Sticker near the exit (you can't get it yet), the chest contains a Hi-Potion.
  • There goes Perter Pan's rival, Captain Hook. He orders Peter Pan to return his treasure. Peter just ignores him so the captain signaled his ship to fire cannons.
  • After you regain control,at the opposite side of the map, on the platform there's a chest which contains an Elixir. There's also a chest in a small cave to the left. It contains a Firaga Burst. And a sticker to the right of the Elixir chest is a rainbow sticker (you can get it with Air Slide). Now go to the southwest corner of the map to proceed.
  • To your right is a chest which contains a Hi-Potion. Go along the path until there's a large rock dividing to path to the left and right. Go to the left for a chest that contains an Ether. Now proceed on the right path.
  • Now they'll have a discussion about the Pixie Dust, which later helps you to fly all the way up.
  • After you regain control, there's a chest behind the cliff's edge. It contains a Fleeting Crystal. There's also a chest far behind you. It contains a Panacea.
  • Climb all the way up using balls of pixie dust. There's a total of 2 areas of climbing, be sure to pick all the treasures there! I won't be explaining since it'd be too hard.
  • After you climbed to the top, proceed to the next area and to your immediate right is a chest containing a Mega Ether. Now go along the path to continue.
  • You'll be at the same place you started. (WTF!?) Peter Pan says the treasure is the experience gained during the hunt. Then Hook shows up and says that they're too late and that they've obtained the treasure. Howeverm inside the chest there're only wooden swords and one of them is Ventus's Wooden Keyblade. Hooks is furious, but then the Crocodile comes that drives Hook off.
  • Aqua looks at the Wooden Keyblade then thinks Ven was here with someone else. You'll regain control, save then go to the Indian Camp and......get ready for the boss battle!
  • You'll also receive Doubleflight as a reward.

Boss - Vanitas II

  • Recommended Level - 33
  • She finds Vanitas, who is holding the Keyblade. Vanitas then breaks it. Aqua then charges at Vanitas with rage.
  • He's hard and he's now immune to Magnet command. Like the previous battle, he can counter your attacks, but with stronger damage. He can sink into a pool of darkness and follow you around, when he dives up, he'll fire fireballs. A chain of Cartwheels can avoid damage. Make sure you block all of his attacks with Barrier and know when to avoid the damage using Cartwheel.


  • An increase in Maximum HP.
  • Ghost Drive Command Style. Activates by filling the command gauge with Reprisals, Magnet and Thunder-based commands while already being in a Command Style.

  • Aqua then collapses, thinking that she's defeated Vanitas for real. She then dreams of her old times together with Ventus and Terra.
  • Then Peter Pan wake her up. Asking her to come back with her friends.

World completion rewards

  • Peter Pan Dimension Link
  • Pixie Petal Keyblade. "A Keyblade that makes up for its poor reach with an extra boost in Magic. It also makes it easier to land critical hits, and deals higher damage when you do."
  • Never Land Command Board.
  • Aqua then encounters a bright light while traveling in the Lanes Between.
  • She finds herself in some sort of island with the trees of Star-shaped fruits. She goes to see them and thinks of her friends.
  • She then notices the children who are racing. Aqua looks at them and they look at her too. She thinks the children are like Terra and Ventus. They introduce themselves as Sora and Riku. Aqua notices that Terra has passed don the Keyblade to Riku. Aqua then asks Sora to protect Riku when he's danger.
  • Afterwards she thinks that one Keyblade is enough for any friendship.
  • You'll receive Stormfall Keyblade. "A well-balanced Keyblade that provides an extra boost to all your stats."
  • Aqua then finds Mickey drifting in the Lanes Between and takes him back to the Mysterious Tower.

Mysterious Tower

  • To your right there's a chest. It contains a Megalixir. There's another chest in a corner behind the tower. It contains a Shimmering Crystal. You'll also see another chest at the end of the pathway. It contains a Magnega. Now enter the tower.
  • There's a large chest ahead of you. Open it to get a Mega Magic Recipe. Go upstairs to trigger a cutscene.
  • Yen Sid tells Aqua that Mester Eraqus is defeated, by Terra and Master Xehanort. Aqua then asks where Terra is. He replies that Terra is at the Keyblade Graveyard.

World completion rewards

  • Donald Dimension Link
  • Goofy Dimension Link
  • Xehanort's Report 4

Keyblade Graveyard

  • Aqua pays respect to the fallen Keyblade Masters.
  • Far behind you is a chest which contains a Mega Potion. Go in a circle of rocks to reach another chest which contains an Elixir. Then go along the path, there'll be a large chest and a sticker. The chest contains a Map. Now proceed into the next area.
  • There'll be many tornadoes here. If you get near it, it will move towards you and you can't escape. You'll then be transported into a room of Unversed. only when you have defeated them all you'll get out of the room. There're two chests at the rock at the center of the map. They contains a Mega Ether and an Aeroga. There're also another pair of chests opposite to each other near the exit. They contains a Megalixir and a Mega Ether. Then proceed to another area.
  • You'll find a Shop and a Save point. Save, then prepare for the final boss!! There's also a sticker here.
  • Leaf Bracer is an important ability. Make sure you've got it before the boss!! Get it by melding Freeze Raid with Thundara. You'll get a Thunder Surge with Leaf Bracer attached!
  • Terra is standing there. Aqua walks to him, asking if he's really struck the Master down. Terra says he was tricked. After a brief more conversation, Ventus walks to them. He tells them about Vanitas and the X-Blade. And he asks them to destroy him. Then, Master Xehanort and Vanitas engage them. They then fights!
  • Watch the cutscene. You don't have to do anything now.
  • Then while Aqua is taking care of the frozen Ventus, a man with dual guns comes and teases them. Aqua goes to fight with this guy.

Boss - Braig

  • Recommended Level - 37
  • His defense maybe weak, but his attacks do high damage. Barrier plays a major role here, deflecting his attacks back to him. Strike immediately after he perform a move. If he charges his arrowguns, Cartwheel away to avoid damage. If he stands above in the air and twirls his arrowguns around, use shotlock to damage him while also avoiding his strongest attack.


  • An increase in Maximum HP.
  • Afterwards, Braig shows that he only fight Aqua to buy time. Then Vanitas jumps down and strike Aqua from behind with the Keyblade. She then falls unconscious.
  • She then wkaes up with Mickey next to her. She then sees Ventus, defrosted. However, that "ventus" is holding the X-Blade. The "Ventus" reveals himself to be Vanitas, fused with Ventus. She then battles Vanitas FOR THE LAST TIME!

Boss - Ventus-Vanitas

  • Recommended Level - 37
  • Mickey will assist you in this battle.
  • You can use Burst of Faith, the special attack, with Mickey to avoid damage and deal damage at the same time.
  • This is like your previous battle with Vanitas. Only his attacks are even stronger. Follow the same strategy to defeat him. In addition, he can charge up energy and unleash it with a shockwave. You may use the special attack or shotlock to deal high damage during the duration.


  • Xehanort's Report 7

  • Congratulations! You've completed Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. For the story at least.