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Name Vantius
A.K.A Veneficus lucem et tenebras.
Age 19
Homeworld Droon
Height 6ft
Weight 200lbs
Dominance Right Handed
Alignment Light
Specialization Magic
Summon Valefor
Keyblade 13215893148879772c.png
Staff 13215894419943b2bd.png

Journal Entry

Born into a family of powerful mages, Vantius inherited those powers. After the his second encounter with the Remnats, he becomes separated from his parents and now is determined to find them.


Vantius was born to a wizard mother and a sorcerer father. During this time Droon was under the rule of the evil Emperor Ko and his Kingdom of Gol. Since his parents were a product of forbidden love his family was constantly on the run. During this time, they instructed their son in the magical arts. By the age of 19, his powers were on par with his parents in all aspects of magic.

One evening, Vantius' family was camping out in the Bangledorn Forest right on the border with the Dark Lands when they were attacked by Ko's winged wolves. Being unable to use magic with in the forest, the family runs to the Dark Land border. Vastly out numbered, his mother gives him her staff, Holy Faith, and casts the spell kolo-bembo-zoot and in a flash of silver light vanished. This would be the last time he would see Droon and his parents.


Vantius has light brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a tight shirt with red suspenders with dark jeans.

In order to control darkness and perfect his light abilities, Vantius trains every day for many hours. As a result, he has well muscled body and strong athletic abilities. Along with combat training, Vantius hones his magical ability, incorporating many spells into his techniques. He has light and darkness tattooed on his chest.


Due to being the son of a wizard and a sorcerer, Vantius is considered an outcast. He is usually a pacifist, but when caught in the heat of battle, Vantius is not afraid to weave a spell that will quickly disarm his rival. Even though he can use sorcerer powers, he prefers his wizard powers. He usually envisions himself in a castle over looking the ocean. Shy, Vantius wishes to meet the perfect girl who will accept him for who he is.



When using his powers, Vantius can fight with his staff or free handed. When using his staff, Vantius stands with it crossing his heart, upon casting a spell he waves it in a backhanded motion. When fighting free hand, his left hand is cupped in front if his face, while his right arm is angled back. This allows him to cast several spells in succession.


When using his keyblade, Vantius's staff is mounted on his back. When in battle, Absolute Dream is in his right hand with the teeth facing the ground. When using one hand he swing downward form left to right and two handed from right to left. When Vantius casts magic, he holds his keybalde in front of him to from a barrier from enemies.