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GameAccomplishments-userKH.png This user defeated Ansem and started the epic story of Kingdom Hearts.
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GameAccomplishments-userKHCoM.png This user conquered Castle Oblivion and took down Marluxia.
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GameAccomplishments-userKHCoM-RR.png This user mastered the darkness and defeated Ansem in Reverse/ Rebirth Mode.
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GameAccomplishments-userCards.png This user is a master of the cards in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
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GameAccomplishments-userKHII-KHIIFM.png This user defeated Xemnas and restored peace to the worlds.
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GameAccomplishments-userKHII-KHIIFM.png This user not only defeated Xemnas, but also had a chance with the Lingering Will!
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GameAccomplishments-userREC.png This user conquered Castle Oblivion and took down Marluxia in Re:Chain of Memories.
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GameAccomplishments-userREC-RR.png This user mastered the darkness and defeated Ansem in Re:Chain of Memories' Reverse/ Rebirth Mode.
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GameAccomplishments-userAllData.png This user has beaten all of the Organization XIII Data Replicas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
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GameAccomplishments-user358-2Days.png This user took on Riku and discovered the secrets of Xion.

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GameAccomplishments-userJiminyJournal.png This user has completed Jiminy's Journal in Kingdom Hearts II.
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GameAccomplishments-userPuzzlePieces.png This user has collected all 144 Puzzle Pieces in Final Mix.
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UserGAMissionCrowns.png This user has obtained Mission Crowns!
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UserGASligils.png This user has obtained Challenge Sigils!
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GameAccomplishments-userDaysTheKing.png This user has unlocked The King in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
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GameAccomplishments-userDaysSora.png This user has unlocked Sora in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
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GameAccomplishments-userDustflier.png This user has taken on the Dustflier, and won multiple times!
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GameAccomplishments-userTerraStory.png This user became the Lingering Will and completed Terra's story.
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UserGAVentus.png This user dove to the heart and completed Ventus's story.
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UserGAAqua.png This user destroyed the χ-blade and completed Aqua's story.
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For use in talkbubbles. Made by maggosh. This user not only completed the trio's stories, but also completed the Final Episode.
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GameAccomplishments-userVanitasRemnant.png This user has taken on the Vanitas Remnant and won!
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GameAccomplishments-userMysteriousFigure.png This user did battle with the enigmatic Unknown and won!
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UserGAKHKeyhole.png This user has locked every single Keyhole in Kingdom Hearts.
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UserWindow.png This user contributes with Windows.
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                               My Kingdom Hearts accomplishments:

Got to level 100

Beat Kurt Zisa, Phantom, Ice Titan, and Sephiroth.

Got to level 100 on destiny islands. (Took a while, too!)

Beat the game on hard mode. (Or whatever it's called, I haven't played in a while.)

Made it to End of the World at level 56.

(Final Mix) Beat Unknown (Xemnas)

                             KH2 achievments

Beat the game over 100 times on proud mode.

Beat Sephiroth.

Went through the whole game without dying once, multiple times.

Got Sora and every party member to level 100

Maxed out ALL drives and summon gauges. (Including Limit Form in Final Mix.)

Saw the secret ending.

Defeated 1,000,000+ Shadows and Neo-shadows

Got a level 99 Roxas.

Beat the Hades pardox cup without any magic, even healing, no limit, no drive, no summon.

(Final Mix) Beat Lingering Sentimnt, level 74.

Beat Mushroom XIII

Defeated all the Organization XIII data replicas

                             Days achievments:

Accidently beat the game on hard mode, lvl 1. (I forgot about the panels.)

Unlocked all characters. (Even Sora)

Got the Zero Gear and 3 abillity units.

Unlocked 3 pages of slots.

Eventually made it to lvl 100.

Got all challenge sigils and mission crowns.

                           BbS accomplishments:

Beat all stories.

Beat Vanitas' Spirit.

Beat Unknown.