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Requests that are not pure quality of life changes are marked in italics

Strongly Disagree << >> Strongly Agree

Story Quests
  • All Event Quests with story facets (Alice Hide and Seek, Hercules Tag Team, Summer Adventure) should be (Permanent/Recurring) quests
  • All Event Quests with story facets should have scenes added to Theater
  • Boss Quests, quests with target originally ???, retain special marking, ex. fancy border, to denote they were Boss Quests
  • "Optimize" should take into account objectives that require a specific medal setup (# of medals, skill on medals, etc.)
  • There should be an option to set a permanent quest -- Story, permanent Event, permanent Special -- as a "favorite" quest
Special Quests
  • Super-Evolve/EXP quest should be a (Monthly/Permanent) VIP feature
    • Add second Super-Evolve/EXP quest which includes Mirrors, Brooms, T1 Blue Fairies, 6* Chips and Dales
  • Past VIP quests (Avatar Part, Spirit Part, Medal) should be made permanent/VIP
  • Cid/Chip/Dale/Broom/Mirror/Gem quests should be combined into drops for a shorter set of missions -- ex. first quest drops 2 of each gem, second quest drops 7 brooms, 7 mirrors, 7 hdl, third quest drops 21 cid, 7 chip, 7 dale, fourth quest drops 4 of 2-week VIP medal, 1 of 7-week VIP medal 1, 1 of 7-week VIP medal 2, etc.
  • At least one set of Special Quests are retooled to allow full exploration of each world, all rooms in connected order. Can be for VIP prizes, keyblade materials, or other
Event Quests
  • Past Event Quests should be permanently playable (accessible by purchasing VIP)
    • Past Event Quests which are attached to Event Boards/Medal drops/story sections/other unique rewards should be permanently playable (accessible by purchasing VIP)
  • HSC Quests give one copy of each Medal as a copy (for completing the quest/as a point reward tooled to being strong enough to beat current story/proud quests)
  • HSC Quests are republished as permanent (4/6/8) months after first published, allowing players to grab any Point Rewards, but not Ranking Rewards, that they missed the first time around, and using same Booster medals as before.
    • HSC boosters are retooled:
      • Current rarest (6/7*) Medal in banner (i.e. Prime Roxas): 21%
      • All other premium banner mascots not yet used in HSC: 18%
      • Banner premium mascots of current reprint banners (i.e., Prime Axel): 16%
      • Banner backup mascots (i.e., Timeless River Sora, etc.) not yet used in HSC: 14%
      • All VIP medals not yet used in HSC: 10%
      • All Event medals not yet used in HSC: 7%
      • All other medals not yet used in HSC: 3%
  • Reorganize Event Quests into banners depending on class of quest (jewel, etc.)
    • Move Jewel Quest to Special Quests
  • Proud+ quests should be expanded to include Moon Gem quests
Cross Quests
  • Cross Quests should drop (Tier 1/Tier 2/past Event medals/JP-only Event medals) medals as a (Permanent/Recurring) feature
  • The Home Screen should mark when a teammate is in a Cross Quest
  • "Play with Team" should have the option to join in on with another teammate in a current cross quest
  • Fast-forward on Union quests
Coliseum Quests
  • Drop (HDL/Cid/Chip/Dale/Scrooge medals/Gems) instead once exceeded usable Coliseum Coins
  • Rewards for seeds lumped together so that you get final coliseum coin count when beating a coliseum quest
  • Method to fast forward through PvP quests when playing on auto.
  • PvP ranking should set you one space below the person who challenged and defeated you
  • Daily tries should be (replenished/increased) if you are pushed down by other players, to avoid penalizing early players
  • Bronze Tickets should include 1-8 fairies, Silver tickets 4-8, Gold Tickets 6-8
  • Previous setups for a PvP Keyblade retained as closely as possible - reconstructing first keyblade from previous setup, then second minus the medals already used by the first keyblade, then third minus the medals already used by the first and second keyblade
  • There should be an option to empty all medals from a keyblade
  • Spirit Medal to be visible without clicking button
  • Spirit Medal to be directly swappable with other equipped medals
  • The hell is up with these gem costs, seriously
  • Honestly I've got nothing, I like Spirit Parts pretty much. Maybe add perks of some sort?
Avatar Boards
  • Add all permanent JP boards (VIP boards, 20 Gem board)
  • Make all limited-time boards that are older than (4/6/8) months, excluding special licensed ones like PotC, permanent boards for 1500 jewels
  • Make all released Gem boards permanent
  • Make all Event/Cross/Raid boards that are older than (4/6/8) months, excluding weekend raid board, permanent (and unlocked by VIP purchase)
  • Past non-board avatar parts, i.e. Pegasus Knight: Helm, are added as permanent jewel boards
  • There should be an "Auto-Complete" button a la Final Fantasy Mobius -- lets you fill out as much as you can afford
  • Perks should be permanently learnable, via Materia/BBS Ability/Scrooge-like system -- when a part is worn through enough battles, the park (at 100%/25%) is made a permanent boost, even when not wearing those parts
Raid Bosses
  • Raid Bosses summoned should be automatically released to the party
  • Raid Bosses summoned by player are added to the Alert! menu alongside other players (story quest instead has a button that takes you to that page)
  • Standard Raid boss farming quests, with Trickmaster, Trident Tail, etc. is (Recurring/Permanent) quest
  • Quest menus have icons listing which raid boss that quest will summon
  • Some explanation from SE of how raid boss summoning is actually triggered, specifically
  • Home Screen has icons identifying players who have current Lux boost active
  • Home Screen has icons identifying (players who have used their lux boost that day/when lux boost last used)
  • Option to set Lux boost to automatically activate at one set time
  • Ability to ping players in game chat
Medal List
  • An icon to be added to medals when "sort by skill" active, showing level of skill
  • When trying to use a Medal that is locked by "Equipped"/"Subslot"/"Spirit", option to (remove medal from all uses/go to page where used)
  • Filtering for Friend medals, identical to medal list filtering
  • (Medal description screen/Album) has button for showing animation of the attack the medal triggers
  • "Complete Boost" option for Medal (automatically max cost, atk, def, guilt)
  • EXP/Cost/Boost medals should pour into reservoir, to be applied at any level by player -- spent like Munny
    • In addition/alternatively, option to mass-evolve Chip, Dale, Cid, Fantasia Mickey medals
  • Dual Meow Wow, 6* Chip and Dales should be evolvable
  • Ability to lock stacked medals at specific quantities
  • Ability to unlock evolve medals from the evolve screen
  • Skill medals should stack like other Support medals
  • Skill medals automatically sort by skill unless using "Newest" sort option -- i.e., sort by Level sorts Scrooge medals similar to how it sorts attack medals.
  • Skill medals separated from EXP medals as filter category, or HDL medals shifted to before Scrooge medals -- i.e., you don't have to toggle "No Skill" or scroll down to get to HDL medals
  • Skills to be permanently learnable similar to FF7 Materia system -- when a Skill is Mastered, a new copy of skill is spawned. Skill mastery level to be increased to compensate. Qty of each skill to be capped at (5/10/other)
  • Rerolling guilt always results in at least 1% increase
  • Rerolling traits always results in a trait not previously rolled for this medal
  • Player is given the option to transfer traits when combining medals of the same special attack
  • One-time chance to rechoose from all previously rolled traits based on above suggestion
  • Medals with special tracks use FFRK Music Record-type system, where you can select from all obtained tracks on jukebox/phonograph/etc. on Home Screen
  • Key Art/other medals with expanded art provide "posters" to hang up around your (home screen/Player's Room), reminiscent of KHII poster duty
  • Give us at least the JP voice acting for voiced medals
  • "Sort by Special Attack" to sort by name of special attack, alphabetically, a la FFM
  • Option to sort by Special Attack multiplier
  • Option to sort by Booster
  • Daily Mission rewards should be automatically added to inbox upon earning, a la FFRK, FFM, FFE
    • Inbox should alert you when it is (full/nearly full)
  • 0 AP/Guilt Campaign should be a scheduled, (Monthly/Quarterly) feature
  • Holding press down on a title (yours or others) shows criteria for collecting it
  • Name of current room is shown in white font with black border, next to the power/magic/speed triad in the bottom right corner
  • OR Name of room shows up when you enter a room during a quest
  • Album for characters and enemies, similar to earlier game journals
  • Album for Medal characters, so that for example the page on Kairi shows all Kairi medals in a small box that can be clicked on for medal stats (see illustration)
    • Flavortext in this version is expanded as relevant medals are obtained -- ex. obtaining any Kairi gets "Sora and Riku's childhood friend". Sora & Riku & Kairi adds "who lives in Destiny Islands." KH Kairi or Illustrated Kairi add "A caring and kindhearted girl." KHII or 0.2 Kairi add "she is one of the Seven Princesses."
  • Coliseum/Event/Raid/Cross/VIP coins are retained permanently
  • Coliseum/Event/Raid/Avatar/Cross coins can be used in an exchange, or Tier 1/2/3 medal purchase shop
  • Power/Magic/Speed Gems can be used in a 1:1 exchange
  • Home Screen lineup feature to last until player backs out
  • Home Screen lineup to include "sort by last active"
  • Boosters to list all affected medals
  • Notices to automatically mark "read" if seen by player, including those that automatically pop up
  • Player Information screen to track all data attached to misc. trophies -- own raid boss, others raid boss, etc.