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Organization XIII Jukebox

None of these videos are my work, and nothing within them belongs to me.

Xemnas's theme Xigbar's theme Xaldin's theme Vexen's theme
Lexaeus's theme Zexion's theme Saïx's theme Axel's theme
Demyx's theme Luxord's theme Marluxia's theme Larxene's theme
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Roxas's theme Naminé's theme Xion's theme Ixion's theme
Organization themes
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Organization Band

For Organization theme I:

Every time it goes doo-didi-didi-doo-doo-doo, it switches to the next "team", if they're all playing that song. Maybe they have a concert, and each group plays its own song. Whatever, we need a flash video of the Organization as rockers.
Team 1
  • Riku (blindfolded): Way to the Dawn [guitar]
  • Mickey: Star Seeker [keytar][1]
  • Naminé: Sketchbook [vocals]
  • Ixion: Soul Eater [guitar]
Team 2
  • Xemnas: Forbidden [vocals]
  • Xaldin: Ryūgasen [drums]
  • Saïx: Lunatic [guitar]
Team 3
  • Xigbar: Sharpshooter [vocals]
  • Demyx: Arpeggio [guitar]
  • Luxord: Fair Game [keyboard] (He keeps the time)[1]
  • Marluxia: Graceful Dahlia [drums] (Spectre-style)
  • Larxene: Éclair [choreography]
Team 4
  • Vexen: Freeze Pride [keyboard]
  • Lexaeus: Haten [guitar]
  • Zexion: Tome of Judgment [vocals & keyboard]
Team 5
  • Axel: Eternal Flame > Bond of Flame [guitar]
  • Roxas: Oathkeeper & Oblivion > Serendipitous Pair [keytar]
  • Xion: Kingdom Key [rhythm guitar & vocals]


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