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  • Does manga count?
  • art of characters never in-game: Key Art 1? Key Art 13?
  • art from merch: Key Art Sky, Bonds, Beginning? Stained Glass 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?
could be references to Disney movies
  • Thumper
  • Miss Bunny, Miss Bunny Snuggly
  • Playing Card (Burton)
  • Alice in Black (Burton)
  • Aladdin board (King of Thieves?)
  • Princess Jasmine board (King of Thieves?)
  • Formal Mickey/Minnie, Winter Mickey/Minnie, Snow Mickey/Minnie, King/Queen Mickey/Minnie, Summer Mickey/Minnie (cartoon?)
  • Terence
  • Tinker Bell (cartoon?)
  • Spring Donald/Daisy (cartoon?)
  • Marie board (Aristocats) (also 0.2 Wardrobe?)
  • King of Hearts, Fluffy Faline, Cruella de Vil, Timothy Mouse, Clarice

KH3d: Moglin, Cait Sith, Quina, Vivi


  • show up as avatar parts
  • some show up as fixed Avatars in Tag Mode - the trophies they are listed as having match their game
  • make sure eyes match theatyrythm

This avatar style went on to be used in theaterythm, airborne brigade, extra detail version in KHUX.

Avatar Character Name Components (KHREC)
Warrior of Light KHM.png Warrior of Light with Braveheart and Lustrous Shield KHM: Warrior of Light
KHREC: Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light's Armor
Warrior of Light's Sword
Warrior of Light's Shield
Garland KHM.png Garland with Claymore KHM: Knight of Chaos
KHREC: Garland
Garland's Armor
Garland's Sword
Firion KHM.png Firion with Blood Sword KHM: Rebellion Army Soldier
KHREC: Firion
Firion's Hair
Firion Starter Kit
Firion's Sword
VegiKnight.png Onion Knight with Onion Sword KHM: Onion Knight
KHREC: Onion Knight
Avatar: VegiKnight
Onion Knight Helm
Onion Knight Starter Kit
Onion Knight's Sword
Paladin Cecil KHREC.png Cecil with Holy Fang KHREC: Paladin Cecil Cecil's Hair
Cecil Starter Kit
Cecil's Earrings
Cecil's Sword
Bartz KHREC.png Bartz with Brave Blade KHREC: Bartz Bartz's Hair
Bartz Starter Kit
Bartz's Boots
Bartz's Gold Stars
Bartz's Gloves
Bartz's Sword
Ms.Magitek.png Terra with Enhancer KHREC: FF6 Terra
Avatar: Ms.Magitek
FF6 Terra's Hair
FF6 Terra's Cloak
FF6 Terra Starter Kit
FF6 Terra's Boots
FF6 Terra's Earring
Terra's Sword
Cloud C KHREC.png Cloud with Buster Sword KHREC: Cloud C Cloud C's Hair
Cloud C Starter Kit
Cloud's Boots
Cloud C's Gloves
Cloud C's Studs
Buster Sword C
Squall KHREC.png Squall with Revolver KHREC: Squall Squall's Hair
Squall's Scar
Squall's Jacket Combo
Squall's Pants + Buckles
Squall's Boots
Squall's Pendant
Squall's Gloves
Squall's Gunblade
Zidane KHREC.png Zidane KHREC: Zidane Zidane's Hair
Zidane's Vest Combo
Zidane's Pants Combo
Zidane's Boots
Zidane's Gloves
Zidane's Tail
Tidus B KHREC.png Tidus with Brotherhood KHREC: Tidus B Tidus B's Hair
Tidus B Starter Kit
Tidus B's Pants
Tidus B's Boots
Tidus B's Pendant
Tidus B's Gloves
Tidus B's Sword
Shantotto KHREC.png Shantotto KHREC: Shantotto Shantotto's Hair
Shantotto's Ears
Shantotto's Nose
Shantotto Starter Kit

KH costumes in Dissidia: Cloud, Squall, Sephiroth; Tifa's Premium Heart (also in FFRK)

A Friend Portal is made from a random character's name, and three Spirits randomly chosen from that world's list.

KH3D portal party names:

Names W. of Light Celes Cloud Laguna Tidus Vanille Squall Lightning Zack O. Knight Shantotto Vaan Balthier


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts Mobile

Avatar Character Name Components (KHREC)
1TuffChick.png Lightning KHREC: Lightning
Avatar: 1TuffChick
Snow KHREC.png Snow KHREC: Snow ???
Serah KHREC.png Serah KHREC: Serah ???
AfroDaddee.png Sazh KHM: ???
Avatar: AfroDaddee
Vanille KHM.png Vanille KHM: ???
KHREC: Vanille

Nicotto Town

KH in Nicotto Town

Bravely Default: Praying Brage

KH in Praying Brage

Dragon Quest: Monster Parade

Zootopia (2016)

Judy Hopps (306) Nick Wilde (307) Judy & Nick (438) Flash (988) Judy & Nick B (JP only)

Nick Wilde board Judy Hopps board Zootopia Raid boards More Zootopia Raid boards

The Jungle Book (2016)

King Louie (457) Mowgli & Baloo (458) Mowgli & Pals (459)


Moana (553) Maui (554)

Moana board


WORLD OF FF Cloud (590) WORLD OF FF Squall (591) WORLD OF FF Lightning (592) WORLD OF FF Sephiroth (593) WORLD OF FF Yuna (594) Tama (595) WORLD OF FF Sora (596) WORLD OF FF Lann (753) WORLD OF FF Reynn (754)

Stacked Characters boards

Sora in WoFF

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Illustrated Belle & Beast (649)

Beast board? Belle board?

New Beast board New Belle board

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales (2017)

Jack Sparrow board Carina Smyth board

KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour-

Orchestra Sora (705)

Orchestra Mickey/Minnie board

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum Pooh & Pals (760) Tsum Tsum Mickey & Minnie (761) Tsum Tsum Mickey & Pals (762) Tsum Tsum Sora & Riku (763)

Heartless Tsum quests (just cross?)

Balloon Tsum Set boards Cheshire Cat Tsum Doll Dumbo Tsum Doll Pluto Tsum Doll

KH in Tsum Tsum app

The World Ends with You

The World Ends with You Art (797) The World Ends with You Art 2 (986)

prob. Illustrated Neku

777, B.J., Tenho, Minamimoto mentioned in KH3D

DuckTales (2017)

Huey, Dewey & Louie (966) Launchpad McQuack (965) Webby Vanderquack (967) Scrooge McDuck (968)


Weapon Master Mysterious Sir quests titles

Red Mage & Black Mage board Dragoon & Dancer board

FFRK Warrior Balloon FFRK Chocobo FFRK White Mage Balloon FFRK Chocobo

FFRK Tyro Style (JP only)

Tyro (979) Dr. Mog (980) Elarra (981) FFRK Terra (982) FFRK Warrior of Light (983)

KH in FFRK app