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Hello, I'm KHFan592. Name's Matt, and I'm a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series (in case my user name wasn't an obvious indicator). Not really much to say here. My favorite character is Riku. Fav. Keyblade is Way to the Dawn/Soul Eater. Um, Riku rocks?

Riku Replica (Talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.png
Name KHFan592
A.K.A Matt
Weapons Soul Eater, Oblivion, Way to the Dawn
Spells Dark Firaga

Rays of Dawn

Summons Neoshadow Dawnrider
Limits Dark Aura

Light of Dawn

Favorite Songs and Music

  • Sanctuary
  • Guardando Nel Buio
  • Fragments of Sorrow
  • Dive into the Heart-Destati
  • Sacred Moon
  • Deep Dive
  • Hollow Bastion
  • Scherzo di Notte

Favorite Heroes

  • Riku
  • Roxas
  • Cloud
  • Leon

Favorite Females

  • Kairi
  • Naminé
  • Yuffie

Favorite Villains

  • Organization XIII
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  • Master Xehanort
  • Vanitas