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Name GeniusMage
A.K.A Firaga/Katie
Hometown Intelligence has a's name is not telling!>.<
Date of Birth February 22
Age 13
Height 5,6
IQ Uh...
Favorite type of Music Rock
Favorite Bands Three Days Grace,Skillet,ABBA,Owl City
Favorite KH Characters Kairi,Sora,Ventus,Larxene,Riku Replica,Xion
"Grammar is for people who actually use proper grammar."
—Me on the irc as Firaga44 :P


Riku's Love


GeniusMage - A keyblade isn't something you use to just bully someone around!
TALK - He'll have not one,but two lights.
I'm back again. Me and wikis have a on and off relationship to say the least >.<
Moogle (Live talk sprite) 1 KHCOM.gif
GeniusMage Talk! - Excuse me. I would like a Kupo value meal with a Kupo burger with extra Kupo nuts, large Kupo fries with Kupo dippin sauce, and an extra large Kupo shake.

Thanks, Kupo!

The amazingly awesome CaelumLucisCaliga made this one for me :D