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In his normal state, Hades has blue skin and blue flaming "hair". His eyes are completely yellow except for his black pupils. He has very sharp teeth and an unnatural black mouth. His face is quite long and thin, with his chin jutting out abruptly. His fingers are long, thin, and clawed. He wears what appears to be a dark grey shirt underneath a black toga, the latter of which seems to be held up by a small skull pin on his right shoulder. Hades's feet are never visible, due to the length of his robes.

When Hades gets angry, he quite literally erupts with anger, his skin turning red-orange and his "hair" flaring up in red, orange, and yellow flame. The light this fire gives off also bathes his clothes (and the surroundings) in a red hue.


"What is so funny, you imbeciles! How dare you get a happy ending...HOW DARE YOU!"
—Hades, after Herc saved Meg

Hades is one of the most temperamental characters in the series. Although others are shown to be temperamental, Hades bursts out in anger on a more regular basis. When Hades gets angry he explodes into a red pillar of fire and his normal blue colored "hair" burns red (which is ironic since blue fire is warmer than red fire). Also, when Hades is angry it is shown that he is invulnerable and much more powerful than in his normal state.

Hades is also shown to be very cunning and smooth when calm and tends to talk a lot; for instance, when he tricked Sora into opening the Underdrome to save Meg. He also shows this trait when talking to Hercules, most of the time giving indirect answers and eerie hints that usually lead Hercules to danger. Also, unlike other Disney villains, Hades never seems to lie directly, instead never telling the whole truth of the matter. Hades also has childlike tendencies, like blocking his ears with his fingers and pretending he doesn't hear Sora when he tries to talk to him.

Voice Actor


"I'm famous for being nicer to my fans than anyone on the face of the Earth because I figure a) They pay my salary, and b) It's probably like a big moment in your life to meet somebody so I would say, just come on up."
—James Woods

Voicing Hades in all installments of the Kingdom Hearts series that the Lord of the Dead appears in, as well as in all appearances in the Disney franchise, English voice actor James Woods began his career in theatre, debuting on Broadway in the first US productioin of Frank McMahon's "Borstal Boy." Best known for voicing villainous characters, other roles besides Hades include the falcon from Stuart Little 2 and surfer-recruiting otter Reggie Belafonte in Surf's Up. Woods has had several impacts on the Family Guy sitcom, portraying several live-action characters in shows and films such as ER (Dr. Nate Lennox), Once Upon a Time in America (Max, Woods' favorite role), and Shark. Aside from the Kingdom Hearts series, Woods has had only one notable video game role, General Hein in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

For all Japanese appearances of Hades, the fiery god is portrayed by Kyûsaku Shimada. Shimada has made several appearances mainly in Japanese media, yet he did appear in 1995's No Way Back as the character Tetsuro.