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What 'bout me?

Name Drake'ro
Gender Male
Straight Outta Milan, Italy
Favourite Character Terra
Gif Credits memorys-skyscraper

What's good everybody? I'm Drake'ro and I'm a hella fanatic of Kingdom Hearts saga since its first chapter. I've played all Kingdom Hearts games, even if I didn't complete the story of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded 'cause I don't like it and I consider it as the most useless spin-off of the entire Dark-Seeker saga. Anyway, I gotta admit the gameplay is pretty good and the work with the cinematics on the second HD collection has been done very good too. I'm also addicted to the Pokémon franchise and I got a dedicated forum that is about the RNG mechanics in this videogame. By the way, I decided to join this awesome community to help out this community to become a better source of informations for any fan of this fantastic saga that is looking for something in particular about the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Shout out to all the editors of this Wiki and thanks for their hard working during these years.

What Am I doing at the moment?

I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD ReMIX and I'm tryna get the Platinum Trophy on Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM. I'm also reading the Kingdom Hearts manga and doing a bunch of projects around the internet. You can find my Playstation Network profile at the following link.

Need help?

I've got a job and I've many different things to do in my own life so I got no time to do everything I'd like, but if you need help, shoot me a message and I'll reply you as soon as possible.