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Name Ryo Hinoiri
Role Keyblade wielder
Age 18
Height 6'
Weight 135 lb.
Alignment Dark
Specialization Strength
Summon Anima
Keyblade Finis
Broadsword Initium

Ryo Hinoiri is a Keyblade wielder. The results of an experiment, Ryo was born when one man's heart was placed into another's body. After the Remnants attacked, he was able to use a Keyblade for a short time, after which the power he released caused his world, the Town of the Downcast, to shatter. His memories of that world vanished along with it, and his ability to use the Keyblade was lost as well, leading him to a long search for the "Masters" that could allow him to regain the weapon he once wielded.

Ryo's alignment is Darkness, and his specialization is Strength.

Journal Entry

A newer apprentice of Master Vanessa, Ryo is the result of an experiment in which one man's heart was inserted into another's body. After destroying his homeland along with the Remnants that were attacking it, he wandered the Realm of Nothingness for years, searching for a master to train him in the ways of the Keyblade.

Though he allies himself with the forces of Darkness, Ryo believes that the true alignment of his power lies in the way he chooses to use it.


Although Ryo sides with the forces of Darkness, he does not believe Darkness to be evil by nature; rather he sees Darkness as a tool that can help or hurt others depending on for what purpose it is used. Therefore, to him Light and Darkness are not opposites but simply different sides of the same coin, each seeking to achieve a different goal.

Ryo takes time to quickly map out strategies and plans before acting, considering the pros and cons of all options- he rarely acts brashly or hastily. He comes off as cold and calculating to others. However, he is actually quite caring of his allies and simply does not understand how to express that feeling, and he doesn’t understand why people are driven away from his personality. Ryo prefers to work alone, though not due to a dislike of others- he simply finds it easier to make one plan for himself than to communicate his ideas while simultaneously fighting off enemies.


Ryo has straight, dark gray hair that falls just above his shoulders, partially covering his bright blue eyes. He wears a light blue button-down shirt and a black trenchcoat that is kept from falling off by two crossing bands. He wears black gloves on either hand and an ornate blue shoulder pad on his left shoulder. Ryo's pants are gray with vertical pinstripes. His shoes are primarily gray with blue curves on either side and a large zipper to make sure they stay on his feet.



In the Town of the Downcast, a world nestled between Light and Darkness, a scientist conducted many experiments to discover the true nature of the body, soul, and heart. In one such experiment, the scientist extracted the hearts of two different people and placed them into each other’s bodies to see how having a different heart would affect each person’s persona. Both people’s appearances metamorphosed until they looked completely different from their original selves. The people both laid dormant, so the scientist placed them into two stasis chambers to rest until they awoke.

The first person, whose heart was unable to completely assimilate into its new body, gradually faded away until nothing of it was left. As for the second, he simply remained in limbo, not making a single movement. The scientist decided to wait and see if anything else happened to him. Years went by and nothing changed; the person didn’t even age. At last, the scientist deemed him a failure and prepared to dispose of his body.

Then the Remnants appeared.

The scientist, unable to defend himself, was immediately struck down. Then the Remnants attacked the stasis chambers, and the boy fell out of his chamber. He was still. And then suddenly, as though out of nowhere, he raised his left hand…

And drew a Keyblade.

Before the Remnants had time to react, they were instantly vanquished. The boy, standing for the first time in years, suddenly realized: he had no memories of who he was, where he came from, or even his first name. He looked around the room for a sign but found nothing, until he looked at the stasis chamber he emerged from. There he saw two words, the name of the person he once was:

Ryo Hinoiri

And so the boy took that name as his own.

Rushing out of the laboratory he was kept in, Ryo charged straight into the Remnants attacking the dwellers of his world. Ryo fought bravely, but with more appearing every time he vanquished one he soon realized it would be impossible to destroy them all with just his weapon. And so he channeled all the power within himself and released it towards the Remnants.

Ryo soon realized that he had underestimated the power of the forces he released, for after it eliminated the Remnants it began to destroy the world as well. The ground split in two, creating a chasm beneath him. And so he was helpless to save himself as he fell down, down...

The Town of the Downcast was destroyed that day. Since no one beyond the people living in it knew of the world's existence, no effort was made by either Master Dummont or Master Vanessa to find the people who were lost in the destruction.

That is why Ryo was almost never seen again.

Beyond the Darkness

Falling... Falling into Darkness...

Ryo fell deeper and deeper, as though plunging into a dark sea. Yet somehow he could still breathe. When his feet touched the bottom and felt a flat surface rather than sand, Ryo stood there for a moment, confused as to where he was. He took a step forward.

Suddenly blindingly bright light burst forth from the ground beneath him; doves flew out from the ground. When Ryo was able to see once more, he saw he was standing on a large circular platform depicting... was that himself?

A voice spoke out to him, coming from everywhere at once.

The weapon you summoned, the Keyblade, only appears before those with strong Hearts.
Seek out the Masters; one shrouded in Darkness, one bathed in Light.
Only then will you gain the proficiency you seek.

Ryo, alarmed by the strange voice, attempted to draw his Keyblade, but to no avail. The voice spoke again:

Though you once used the Keyblade, you lost the ability to wield it upon leaving your world.
But do not fear.

After a blinding flash Ryo saw that he was holding a strange sword.

Use this blade only in the most dire of situations. Your strength of heart is enough to carry you to the place you seek.
Only when you meet your fated Master will you learn the ways of the Keyblade once more.

And suddenly a door appeared before Ryo. Curious and scared as to what might lay beyond it, he opened the door...

...And awoke in the Realm of Nothingness, lying on the ground with his new sword in hand.

My name is Ryo Hinoiri. I am alive. I am going to find the Masters. I am from-

And with that, Ryo realized that what little memories of his hometown he had gained before was gone. The last memories of the Town of the Downcast had disappeared.

Confused and exhilarated by the events that had just occurred, he walked forward, unsure of where he was going or if he was even traveling in the right direction.

For weeks afterward Ryo wandered through the desolate Realm of Nothingness, finding not a soul beside himself within. Though he tried to stop it, Ryo felt his his natural swordsmanship abilities slipping away as he walked without a single opponent to test his strength against. He knew that he would have to regain it back once he began training under the master he chose.

Time started to lose its meaning. Days turned into weeks, yet Ryo found himself no closer to his answers than before. Slowly but surely, his will began to flicker, then fade. Would he ever find the place he was looking for?

Just when all hope seemed lost and he was about to give in, Ryo saw something in the distance. Was that... a castle? He could swear there were people walking around in it.

Filled with hope of finding a master to train him in the ways of the Keyblade, Ryo ran towards the land that held his hope, his future, his new life.


When using his Keyblade Finis, Ryo fights in a two-handed stance that faintly resembles a promotional image of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. He holds his Keyblade across his face diagonally from left to right, with his right side facing his opponent and his knees slightly bent. By using both hands to attack Ryo is able to increase his strength, using slow but powerful attacks to quell his enemies. That is not to say, however, Ryo is not nimble; he is easily able to evade and counter his enemies attacks, with swiftness that contrasts the slow speed of his attacks. He utilizes the power of Darkness frequently in battle, often using Dark Firaga to attack enemies from afar.

Ryo wields his broadsword Initium identically to the manner in which he wields his Keyblade.



Ryo's Keyblade, Finis

Ryo's Keyblade is called Finis. Finis is predominately gray, with gauze wrapped around multiple areas on its hilt and shaft. There are multiple jewel-like adornments throughout the blade, with a sapphire in the center of its teeth and the top of its hilt. The teeth are pointed and jut out in all directions, with the largest point on the side of the blade. Its shaft is wrapped in a light blue ribbon, with the ribbon's ends crossing each other on one side. The keychain is triangular, with a small sapphire in the center and three jewel-like projections surrounding it; it is attached to the main blade by a metal chain.


Ryo's broadsword, Initium

Before regaining the ability to use the Keyblade, Ryo wields a broadsword called Initium. Initium has a simple handle wrapped with gauze, with a small blue crystal at the bottom. A large sapphire rests at the top of the hilt, with multiple curved crystals protruding out from it. The blade itself is curved with an appearance similar to a scimitar, the primary difference being the inclusion of three small holes towards its bottom. When not in use, Ryo keeps Initium on his back.


Ryo's theme is The Gate of Time.