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The aesthetics need to be updated as appropriate, but it should be able to be placed on pages now. I'll create it for Rock Titan and Ice Titan as examples. I used Shadows to count how many different Seeds an enemy could appear in in KH, but if anyone finds that there are more than 9 instances, just leave a message on my talk page.

Do Sephiroth and Ice Titan have Seeds, or are they just the one cup?

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TerraCharm.png They are just one cup. Sephiroth has Platinum Cup. Ice Titan has Gold Cup. The screen merely says "Ice Titan" or "Sephirtoh" in green font, the same name below in black font. It's the same for other bosses such as Hades, also, even though he fights in seeded cup.
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Since the Coliseum template is going to have all the same design, I decided to make its code completely generic, and have the different main templates call it differently. As such, I've moved the template to Template:CKH. Thank you for your help, I've incorporated that into the code.

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