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Okay, I don't know very much about the card game, so I'm going to need someone to tell me if there's anything I'm missing here, and what the correct names are. By looking at the card scans I have, this is what I think is the stats that each card has:
  • Horizontal or vertical?
  • Card set and number
  • Name
  • Image
  • Level (optional)
  • HP (optional)
  • Pow (optional)
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Card limit (optional)
  • Technique (optional)
  • Effect (optional)
  • card placement symbol
  • Lore (optional)
  • Type: Player, Villains, Light, Dark, Friend, Heartless, Attack, Magic, Equipment, World
  • Rarity: C, U, R, SR

Does the key symbol in the description box mean anything?

If someone could tell me which of these are important, and what they're supposed to be called, I can start getting the card articles done. Thanks!

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FA icon.png I'm not sure of the - wait : I don't think the card down symbol would mean anything.

As for the description boxes (of Sora's acquired sleights), I remember green Hidden Mickey insignias would mean friend sleights, staffs would mean magic, keys would mean attacks/limits... and I forgot the rest. (No thanks to lockdown.)

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For the TCG, not Chain of Memories.

And the Card down symbol only appears next to certain card's techniques, so I'm thinking it means something like "placement effect" or whatnot.

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So, does anyone still care about this?
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I care that you did not use a sandbox, and the fact that it was copied from another wiki, instead of creating your own template.

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And that fact that you didn't even care to change Digimon to Kingdom Hearts. Please,next time use a Sandbox, that's why it's there. (2nd edit): Until we get some information on the cards, no template will be made.
KrytenKoro - "Hurricane beats all housing or apartments. This sucker is a Cat-6!"
Never mind. I'm going to go ahead and put these templates up for deletion and delete the card scans from my computer. If you guys want to have articles on the TCG, you can do it yourself.