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TheFifteenthMember Myes, but THEY didn't know that! We have to consider THEM! And yet we must also be mysterious, myes, myes... TheFifteenthMember 18:02, 12 January 2015 (UTC)
JE SUIS TARD! (I am late!)

I noticed that this page was moved into the mainspace, but was promptly deleted because KK and NZ made comments that this template was made redundant by the category. I was meaning to reply on that talkpage but I forgot until now, and the page has already been deleted. To the point, I don't think the redundancy is a bad thing here. Seeing the entire list onto one compact navigation bar is much clearer than having to sprawl out across several category pages. Yes, the navbar is considerably longer than most but it is collapsed anyway, so I don't see it to be a large issue. To sum up, having a navbar alongside the categories is useful so we should re-instigate the navbar.

TheSilentHero Elwind! — 18:13, 12 January 2015 (UTC)
I agree with FM. Besides, aren't all navbars redundant because of the categories?

Also, I have a few notes about the template itself. First, the 358/2 Days part has to be above the Re:coded part, since 358/2 Days was released first. Second, some accessories (like the Three Stars or Thunder Charm) are listed twice, so either you should only list them underneath the game it was introduced in, or change the "introduced in <game>" to "accessories in <game>". I would choose the second. And third, it may look nicer if you give the "introduced in <game>" parts a background color, like in this navbar. (But maybe another color).

Add to accessory page[edit]

Would it be possible to finalize this template and add it to the accessory page? The list I added to page doesn't look too good, but it would still be nice to have some kind portal where you can access all the different accessories. - JTD95 (talk) 13:19, 4 May 2019 (UTC)

Yeah, go ahead and fix it and then it'll be ready to add."We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 01:14, 5 May 2019 (UTC)