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Challenge Mission {{{number}}}


This template is used for the challenge mission sections for mission articles in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

  • Put the mission number in the number parameter. This will usually be the number of the original mission, unless it is an SP mission (ex. "Mission 91SP")
  • Put the description of the challenge mission in for the desc parameter (i.e. "Finish in record time!" or "Avoid taking damage!")
  • Put the condition to get 3 Challenge Sigils in for the cond3 parameter (i.e. "01:45:00 or less" or "2 or less")
  • Put the condition to get 2 Challenge Sigils in for the cond2 parameter (i.e. "01:45:01 - 03:10:00" or "3 to 5 hits")
  • Put the condition to get 1 Challenge Sigil in for the cond1 parameter (i.e. "03:10:01 - 04:10:00" or "6 to 8 hits")
  • Put the restriction of the mission in for the restrict parameter (i.e. "Enemy level +8" or "No healing magic!")