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FA icon.png Sooner or later I think they'll have to change the actual name of this weapon. If all the French names were to be kept right up to the release of the French version of Days, this'll be the first to go - it's an infinitive (and it means to eradicate)...

Thoughts ?

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Can't it just mean "Eradicate" as the verb? I'm not really familiar with infinitives, because in Japanese they only ever appear in the dictionary form.
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FA icon.png It's like this : in French, there's a conjugation system where you always start with the infinitive form, like in this case, extirper (to eradicate), and thus, eradicate would take these forms :

j'extirpe (I eradicate)
tu extirpes (you eradicate)
il extirpe (he eradicates)
nous extirpons (we eradicate)
vous extirpez (you eradicate - formal)
ils extirpent (they eradicate)

Side note : extirpe, extirpes and extirpent have the same pronunciation, whilst extirper and extirpez have the same pronunciation.

Chances are that the actual French version would most likely land in a noun for a name, rather than a verb. Because seriously, to put in any of these forms of extirper would sound awfully weird.

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FA icon.png See, I knew they'd change the name... Don't forget, they deliberately misspelt "extirper" just to make it a noun. Though the right word would not be extirpeur but extirpateur (the latter is a word).

Like how examinateur = examiner and examiner = to examine...

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So does extirpeur mean anything? Or is it purely a misspelling?
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FA icon.png Extirpateur = eradicator. Extirpeur is a misspelling. I'd call it a deliberate misspelling of extirper, although they should have used extirpateur instead.

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