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Issues: Re:COM info


shouldn't these be put under assistence? Myself 123 12:57, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

i know they really help me with arieal attacks

Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

Okay, we've gotta make sure which rooms the Claymores appear in. I know they appear in Teeming Darkness. Any other places ? TNÉ Pour Noël je te donnerai le battement de mon cœur… ♥ 02:27, December 28, 2009 (UTC)

I know they appear in the Roulette Room--Keyblade0 23:53, July 14, 2010 (UTC)Keyblade0

UPDATE : The Claymores appear in :

  • Teeming Darkness
  • Roulette Room


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