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Level Ability
Warrior Mystic Guardian
2 Combo Plus Magic Combo Thrift Damage Control
3 Treasure Magnet
4 Air Combo Plus MP Haste Withstand Combo
5 Auto-Finish
6 MP Haste Combo Plus
8 Unison Fire
9 Combo Plus Fire Boost Block Replenisher
10 Fusion Spin
12 Attraction Enhancer Water Boost MP Haste
14 Fire Boost Leaf Bracer Air Combo Plus
16 Air Combo Plus Fire Boost
18 Water Boost Blizzard Boost Attraction Enhancer
20 Combo Boost Grand Magic Extender Reprisal Boost
22 Attraction Extender
24 Air Combo Boost Reprisal Boost Combo Plus
26 Withstand Combo Magic Galvanizer Leaf Bracer
28 Leaf Bracer Withstand Combo Water Boost
30 Blizzard Boost Combo Plus Second Chance
32 Link Extender Damage Control Air Combo Plus
34 Thunder Boost Link Extender
36 Block Replenisher Combo Boost
38 Aero Boost Blizzard Boost
40 Reprisal Boost Air Combo Plus Thunder Boost
42 Grand Magic Extender Second Chance Air Combo Boost
44 Magic Combo Thrift Attraction Enhancer Grand Magic Extender
46 Magic Galvanizer Combo Boost Magic Combo Thrift
48 Second Chance Link Extender Aero Boost
50 Damage Control Air Combo Boost Magic Galvanizer —Preceding unsigned comment added by KrytenKoro (talkcontribs)

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