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Sorcerer's Ring

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Kingdom Hearts III
Sorcerer's Ring
Sorcerer's Ring
"Grants a huge boost in Magic and a slight boost in Maximum AP."
Japanese ソーサラーリング
Rōmaji Sōsarā Ringu
Translation Sorcerer Ring
Strength Magic AP
+0 +5 +8
MP Haste
Buy Sell
1800 450
Chest at Seaport; Item Synthesis

The Sorcerer's Ring is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Sorcerer's Ring Sorcerer's Ring
Requires Obtain 35 different synthesis materials
Ingredients The Mythril Crystal material sprite Mythril Crystal x2
The Sinister Gem material sprite Sinister Gem x1
The Sinister Stone material sprite Sinister Stone x3