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Sora's shadow

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You may be looking for other Heartless versions of Sora.
Sora's shadow

Character render

Game Kingdom Hearts V CAST
Shadow Sora

Sora's shadow is a character exclusive to Kingdom Hearts V CAST. They are a dark reflection of Sora conjured by Maleficent.


Kingdom Hearts V CAST[edit]

Sora and Sora's shadow at the altar.

Maleficent summons Sora's shadow at a Heartless altar on Swashbuckler's Island. Sora faces off against the dark entity, tricking his reflection into falling into a pit; however, a tentacle of darkness emerges from the pit and pierces Sora's heart with a dark curse.

Later, Sora explores the potion room hidden within Maleficent's Castle to find a way to restore the Keyblade's magic, and he discovers a mirror which reflects Sora's shadow. Sora is able to use the mirror to control his reflection and learn the Thunder spell.


Sora's shadow is a pitch-black reflection of Sora wtih white eyes. As his reflection, Sora's shadow shares Sora's physique and outfit.


Sora's shadow wields a pitch-black copy of the Kingdom Key. They are able to perfectly mirror all of Sora's abilities, including physical attacks and magic spells, but do not act autonomously.