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Slide (item)

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This article is about the key items from Kingdom Hearts.
You may be looking for the command from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
"Jane's research slide. It may help decipher Tarzan's mystery word."
Japanese スライド
Rōmaji Suraido

Item Rarity Buy Sell

Slides are a set of key items that appear in Kingdom Hearts. They are six slides that are used for projecting images.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Sora wants to know if Tarzan has seen Kairi or Riku so Jane tries to use imagery in an attempt to communicate with him. Thus, Sora fetches six slides that Jane puts into her projector to showcase the images against a screen. One of the images depict Hollow Bastion and Sora claims that the place is familiar, despite the fact that he has never been there. His déjà vu is due to the memories of Kairi's heart sleeping within him.


All six slides are scattered across the Camp of Deep Jungle:

Item Obtained
Slide 1
(スライド1 Suraido 1?)
Found on top of a tent that can be reached by climbing a cluster of crates.
Slide 2
(スライド2 Suraido 2?)
Found in the shaded area to the left.
Slide 3
(スライド3 Suraido 3?)
Found by the chalkboard.
Slide 4
(スライド4 Suraido 4?)
Found on top of a cluster of crates and bags.
Slide 5
(スライド5 Suraido 5?)
Found past the shaded area to the left.
Slide 6
(スライド6 Suraido 6?)
Found near the chalkboard on top of a stack of bags.