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Rare Nut

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Rare Nut
Rare Nut
Japanese 珍しい木の実
Rōmaji Mezurashii Ko no Mi

A Rare Nut is a special item introduced in Kingdom Hearts. They are located within the Bouncing Spot, and can be redeemed with Owl for various prizes. Only one can be carried at a time.


Notes Reward
Rare Nut 01 KH.png Use the see-saw with Roo. 1 Power Up
Rare Nut 02 KH.png Use the see-saw with Roo. 2 Defense Up
Rare Nut 03 KH.png Step on a tree stump in the corner to activate a geyser. 3 Mythril Shard
Rare Nut 04 KH.png Step on a tree stump near Piglet to activate a geyser. 4 AP Up
Rare Nut 05 KH.png Use the see-saw with Tigger, then jump through a pathway of leaves and branches. 5 Orichalcum