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This page contains a list of quotes spoken by Woody in Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Ah, sorry. But this is no time for television, Rex."
    turning off the Verum Rex commercial.
  • "All right, guys. Today we teach those masked intruders who's boss. Is everybody in position?"
    preparing to ambush the Heartless.
  • "Okay. We go on three. One, two..."
    before Buzz stops him.
  • "What are you doing?! Who are those guys?"
    spotting Sora and company.
  • "Slow down there, Rex. We don't know them."
    when Rex mistakes Sora for Yozora.
  • "So, you're...Andy's new toys? You sure did a number on those intruders."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Okay. In that case, you're all right by me. My name's Woody. Put 'er there."
    deciding to trust Sora and company.
  • "Take it easy, Buzz. What matters is that they got those intruders out of our way—for at least a little while. No need to interrogate 'em."
    reassuring Buzz.
  • "No, they just showed up a little while ago."
    talking about the Heartless.
  • "It wasn't always this lonely. One day we all woke up, and we were the only toys left here. Nobody's heard from Mom, Molly, or Andy... We keep waiting for Andy to come home."
  • "Yeah... He's the best friend that toys like us could ever hope to have."
  • "Well... Hmm. There's one thing."
    recalling a clue.
  • "You know who it is?"
  • "I'm sorry. But we're not gonna leave this to you. If that guy had something to do with our friends vanishing, then he's our problem too. We've got to work together."
  • "Sarge, any word from the recon team?"
  • 'Then Galaxy Toys is where we're going. Sora. Follow me. It's out the window and down the roof."
  • "Well... You've got a point, but... We've tried waiting. Look, if we go with Sora, we might find a clue. Are you with me, Buzz?"
  • "I guess it hasn't figured it out."
    when Sora wonders why the Gigas cannot move.
  • "Oh no! He can move!"
    when Young Xehanort has a Heartless animate the Gigas.
  • "I think we've got our answer."
  • "I'm confused. That guy in the black coat—did he say he made a copy of the real world? What's that mean?"
  • "I admit, it does sound just a little far-fetched. But...say we have been taken to some kind of alternate world. That would explain why your laser's real. And is it really that crazy? Worse than "evil emperors" and "protecting the galaxy"? Any of that ring a bell?"
  • "Sora's right. They helped with the intruders, so they might help find our friends. They have been there for us so far. You can't deny that. Come on. Every toy deserves a fair shake. Am I right?"
  • "Come on. We have got to find them!"
  • "Well, Buzz? Do you really think we can save our friends on our own? We didn't get very far before. We gotta take all the help we can get."
  • "See, they don't seem bad. Am I right, Buzz?"
  • "Thanks for the help, Sora, Donald, Goofy."
  • "Too bad we're not strapped to a rocket, huh?"
  • "It's perfect. Come on, guys!"
  • "Rex! Where'd he go?"
  • "Nice moves, Rex."
    when Rex "defeats" the Supreme Smasher.
  • "Listen, Rex. Would you— Earth to Rex."
  • "Oh, great. Sarge! Have you got a status report?"
  • "This is Babies and Toddlers. Where do you guys think we should start?"
  • "I think they really are good guys."
  • "Come on, Sora. You've never used a record player? Like this!"
  • "Hey, hey, hey! What is...going on?!"
  • "Why didn't...you tell me...a little sooner?"
  • "You okay, Hamm?"
  • "Hamm, take cover."
  • "Buzz, you're overthinking it."
  • "Well, that's good. Because I know you, Buzz. You'll never lose heart when it comes to your friends."
  • "No problem. Now, let's go find the others."
  • "I think I know who that might lead us to. Come on, guys."
  • "No problem. Be safe, Hamm."
  • "Now, let's follow that UFO!"
  • "Hmm... You're right, Buzz. Now that we're all accounted for, we should meet up at the entrance and go home."
  • "That would be great."
  • "Sarge, roll call."
  • "You're right. Sora, Donald, Goofy... Any chance you could help us one last time?"
  • "Whaddaya know? They are video game figure. See? I told ya, Buzz. They're toys, just like the rest of us."
  • "C'mon, Buzz. Quit fooling around."
  • "I can't believe it! Buzz has been taken over?"
  • "Y'all right, Sora?"
  • "Sora, how do we get him back?"
  • "That's right, Sarge. Any ideas?"
  • "Sarge, you're a lifesaver! You guys in?"
  • "Don't worry. We're gonna get our friend back."
  • "Can you use the Gigas to move 'em?"
  • "What do you want with my friend?"
  • "Does that mean...we'll all be like Buzz... if we don't find Andy?"
  • "Whatever you're talking about, I don't care. Put Buzz back the way he was, then get lost!"
  • "Yeah, I am a toy. And a friend. My guess is no one's ever loved you before. Because you know nothing about hearts and love."
  • "Yeah! You can't keep us from Andy. We're going home no matter what. And taking Buzz!"
  • "Giddy-up, partner! We gotta get this wagon train a-movin'!"
  • "Oh, I don't know! Maybe somebody switched you into "dark and stormy" mode."
  • "Good to have you back, Buzz."
  • "And that's something you'll never understand, because you're hollower than any toy."
  • "After all the adventures we've had, we're not quite ready to say, "so long.""
  • "Besides, if we do go back to the real world, we'll never see you again, right?"
  • "If we follow our hearts, we'll find him again. So, Sora, are you goin' after the guy in the black coat?"
  • "That's okay...because you've become part of our hearts. So let us become a part of yours."

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Yee-haw!"
  • "This town ain't big enough!"
  • "Round 'em up!"