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This page contains a list of quotes said by William Turner during the course of Kingdom Hearts II.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Elizabeth! Stop!"
    upon seeing Elizabeth being taken by a pirate.
  • "What are they?"
    upon Heartless appearing.
  • "Well done! My own fencing skills are not to be ashamed of... but I've never faced foes such as that before."
    upon Sora and company defeating some Heartless.
  • "And I'm William Turner, but call me Will."
    introducing himself to Sora and company.
  • "Those pirates kidnapped Miss Swann and took her to their ship. Now they've sailed, and I'll never be able to find her!"
    talking about how Elizabeth got kidnapped.
  • "You... What are you doing aboard the Interceptor? She's off limits to civilians."
    talking to Jack Sparrow.
  • "Take me with you. Help me hunt down the Black Pearl and save Miss Swann. I got you out of that jail cell, Sparrow. Do this and your debt's repaid."
    talking to Jack about his debt.
  • "I fought with Jack once. Afterwards he was sent to jail. He didn't stay in there long, though. He's a pirate to the core."
    talking about Jack Sparrow.
  • "Why are you so fixated on that compass?"
    questioning Jack's compass.
  • "Quick, they're after us!"
    upon escaping with Elizabeth.
  • "When it's of greatest profit to you?"
    talking to Jack.
  • "Is it true? You gave Barbossa my name instead of yours. Why choose my name?"
    talking to Elizabeth.
  • "After all this time... I thought I'd lost it. It was a gift from my father... he sent it to me."
    talking about his medallion.
  • "Of course... Don't you see? It wasn't your blood they needed... it was my father's blood—My blood. The blood... of a pirate."
    talking to Elizabeth about the curse.
  • "My name is Will Turner! My father was Bootstrap Bill Turner! His blood runs in my veins!"
    revealing his identity to Barbossa.
  • "Laugh while you can, Barbossa!"
    before lifting the curse.
  • "That she is. Thank you, Jack."
    thanking Jack.
  • "The medallions... and... the stone chest—someone's taken them... Next thing I knew, we were attacked... but I couldn't see who it was—his face was shrouded... in a black hood."
    talking about the medallions and Organization XIII.
  • "Where did those monsters come from? There may be more of them nearby. Sorry, everyone, but I need some rest. Do be careful."
    talking about the Nobodies.
  • "The hooded man took the pirates and his creatures with him into some strange hole. We saw them leave from inside the captain's stateroom."
    talking about the hooded man's whereabouts.
  • "First, let's find all the medallions. Otherwise, the curse can't be broken and the creatures will remain invincible."
    talking about getting the missing medallions back.
  • "We have to get to Port Royal! We can't let them run loose in town!"
    wanting to go back to Port Royal to stop the Heartless.
  • "Is there any way we can help?"
    wanting to help Jack.
  • "Some say Jack Sparrow's the worst pirate ever to sail the Spanish Main."
    talking about Jack.