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This page contains a list of quotes said by Seven Dwarfs during the course of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Ventus's Story[edit]

  • "Huh? Who are you?"
    Doc meeting Ventus.
  • "A diamond thief! Take cover, ya fools!"
    Grumpy meeting Ventus.
  • "Sounds like a tall tale to me! Go on, git!"
    Grumpy talking to Ventus.
  • "Don't fall for it! Stay where ya are!"
    Grumpy before all the dwarfs runs away.
  • "There's a castle beyond the chorus—I mean, the forest."
    Doc giving directions to Ventus.
  • "Couldn't stay away, could ja? An' who invited you in, ya rotten thief?"
    Grumpy spotting Ventus coming into their house.
  • "You fussn't be mooled—uh, mustn't be fooled by him, princess."
    Doc talking to Snow White.
  • "Ya mean this stranger saw ya and set his horde of evil demons after ya?"
    Doc talking about Terra.
  • "He's a-lyin'! Mark my words."
    Grumpy before Ventus leaves.

Aqua's Story[edit]

  • "Poor Snow White..."
    Doc talking when Aqua discovers the dwarfs and an unconscious Snow White.
  • "She was just as sweet as could be."
    Doc talking about Snow White.
  • "She sang us purty songs..."
    Sneezy talking about Snow White.
  • "At bedtime, she told wonderful stories..."
    Sleepy talking about Snow White.
  • "An' when we went to work, she gave us all a kiss..."
    Grumpy talking about Snow White.
  • "The wicked Queen was horribly jealous of our dear Snow White's beauty. So she used her evil magic to change into an old hag, and then she gave Snow White a poisoned apple."
    Doc talking about the Queen.
  • "You'll never make it. The castle's supposed to be guarded by magic, an' crawling with monsters."
    Doc talking about the Queen's castle.