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This page contains a list of quotes said by Sam Flynn during the course of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Cutscenes Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Sora's Story[edit]

  • "But it's something you programmed, right, Dad?"
    asking Kevin Flynn about Sora's Keyblade.
  • "I'm Sam."
    introducing himself to Sora.
  • "Yeah. What are you gonna do if Rinzler attacks again?"
    asking Quorra about Rinzler.
  • "Dad, no."
    after Kevin Flynn trusts Sora and Quorra to help Tron.
  • "Okay."
  • "Quorra, be careful."
    before leaving with Kevin Flynn.

Riku's Story[edit]

  • "Are you a prisoner?"
    asking Riku upon first meeting him in the Grid.
  • "Name's Sam."
    introducing himself to Riku.
  • "We're on the Grid."
    answering to Riku about the Grid.
  • "Riku! You made it. You escaped from the games."
    after Riku escape from the Light Cycle Arena.
  • "I know a way off the Grid. Wanna come with?"
    asking Riku to join him.
  • "Through the Portal."
    about the way out from the Grid.
  • "Yeah. it's like a gate that opened when I came here. Once I'm back in the real world I can delete CLU."
    explaining about the portal.
  • "And then...then my dad will be able to come home."
    telling about Kevin Flynn coming back to the userworld with him after deleting CLU.
  • "He vanished—twenty years ago when he came here to the Grid. But because he needed to protect his disc from CLU, he went into hiding. He's been trapped here ever since."
    explaining about Kevin Flynn being trapped in the Grid.
  • "But I'm gonna change that.
    deciding to save Kevin Flynn and delete CLU.
  • "Sure. I'll take what help I can get."
    after Riku decides to help him.
  • "But first there's somebody I need to meet. He's in the City."
    before going with Riku to meet Sam's contact.
  • "So the Portal—it activated when I came in. So it's open."
    talking to Kevin Flynn about the portal.
  • "So we go now. We go home, we make a run for it, we get you out of here"
    talking about going to the portal fast as possible.
  • "What do you mean, "don't rush"? The Portal's gonna close."
    after Kevin Flynn tells him not to rush.
  • "What do you mean?"
    after Kevin Flynn explains about his disc as the key to the portal.
  • "He can be out?"
    implying about CLU entering the userworld.
  • "So what do we do? Nothing?"
    asking Kevin Flynn on doing nothing to stop CLU.
  • "Yeah, well that's a hell of a way to live."
    after Kevin Flynn talks about the way to win that is not to play.
  • "That's great, Dad. Keep telling yourself that."
    before turning away from Kevin Flynn.
  • "Kill some time til I get back."
    before leaving Riku in the City.
  • "You disc... Dad, it's gone."
    seeing Kevin Flynn's Identity Disc went missing.
  • "We have to go back. CLU will use it to reach the outside world. I can stop him from destroying it if you'd just let me do it!"
    tellling to Kevin Flynn about retrieving the disc from CLU only if Kevin let him do it.
  • "So what do we do now?"
    asking Kevin Flynn what to do next.
  • "Is she gonna make it"
    asking Kevin about Quorra on the Solar Sailer.
  • "But didn't you write her code?"
    asking Kevin about Quorra's code.
  • "She's an ISO."
    realizing about what Quorra is.
  • "And you created them?"
    asking Kevin about the ISOs.
  • "He screwed up."
    talking about CLU on the Solar Sailer.
  • "No, wait!"
    after Quorra goes and distracts Rinzler.
  • "We can't just let her go."
    after Quorra gets captured by Rinzler.
  • "But Quorra comes first!"
    exclaiming to Kevin Flynn about Quorra.
  • "And we still have to get back your disc!"
    mentioning about Kevin's Identity Disc.
  • "Right. Meet me on the flight deck, and get us some wheels."
    before joining Riku to save Quorra and retrieve Kevin's Identity Disc.
  • "I'm a User. I'll improvise."
    telling Kevin Flynn about improvising as a User.
  • "Riku, I gotta save Quorra too."
    telling Riku about saving Quorra.
  • "The disc should be somewhere on the Throneship. I saw it dock here earlier."
    talking about the whereabouts of Kevin's Identity Disc.
  • "Over there!"
    upon seeing the Throneship.
  • "To the flight deck!"
    after saving Quorra and retrieving Kevin's Identity Disc on the Throneship.
  • "Don't worry. Riku's here to help."
    reassuring Quorra
  • "Dad!"
    yelling out to Kevin on the Portal.
  • "No!"
    after Kevin tells him that it's time.
  • "I'm not leaving you!"
    refusing to leave Kevin before leaving to the Userworld.