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This page contains a list of quotes spoken by Randall Boggs during the course of Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Who cares? All that matters...is that it's the last turn that you losers are ever gonna take."
    to Sulley and Mike.
  • "Yeah, and I almost got turned into somebody's wallet. Lucky for me, a real nice guy came along and fixed the door. So here I am. And starting today, I'm numero uno! Top of the leaderboard, baby."
    to Sulley and Mike.
  • "Who said anything about collecting laughs? I'm after negative emotions. And my new friends have kindly invaded the factory to get 'em for me."
    to Sulley and Mike.
  • "Laughter's just not sustainable. Once junior chorts his last chortle, you've gotta start over. But negative energy? Especially sadness? Give 'em something that really breaks their little hearts, and they'll stay sad forever. We'll never have to worry about energy again."
    to Sulley and Mike.
  • "Just try and stop me. You'll see soon enough. I am gonna be a legend around this place. Now, consider your careers officially over. And that goes for the rest of you, too."
    to Sora and the others.
  • "We're in control of this factory now. And I suggested a few improvements—some real doozies I just know you're gonna love. In fact, you're not getting out of here alive."
    to Sora and the others.
  • "You boys aren't gonna leave without saying good-bye?"
    to Sora and the others.
  • "Maybe you will. Or then again, maybe you won't. I have still got an ace up my sleeve. Now...I command you to destroy them!"
    to Mike and the others.
  • "Hey. Come on! Move... Move, you stupid— What a pile of junk!"
    trying to move a machine.
  • "Oh, I learned a lot."
    bringing out the Lump of Horror.
  • "Finally... This is exactly what I need to take over the company. But first, I am getting rid of you. Attack!"
    attacking Sora and his party.
  • "Whyyy?!"
  • "You think it's funny?"
    to Sulley.
  • "You clowns are gonna be sorry when I find my way back and I finally take over this place!"
    before being forced to enter a door.