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This page contains a list of quotes said by Quorra during the course of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Cutscenes Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Sora's story[edit]

  • "Look at that boy's weapon. It's different."
    noticing Sora's Keyblade.
  • "Hey. That weapon. Can I see it?"
    asking Sora about his Keyblade.
  • "This is just incredible. What a program― the weapon and the wielder."
    commenting about Sora's Keyblade.
  • "What a strange User. You're nothing like Flynn or Sam."
    comparing Sora to Sam and Flynn.
  • "Come on, Sora. I'll show you the way."
    when joining Sora.
  • "If we're in a hurry, we have to take care of Rinzler first."
    talking about Rinzler.
  • "All right, it's you and me. You ready, Sora?"
    asking Sora before leaving to deal with Rinzler.
  • "Fight, Sora!"
    encouraging Sora to fight Rinzler in the Stadium.
  • "Yes, I think Tron heard you. Long enough for me to escape. You can do it. You can get through to him!"
    explaining to Sora that he was able to get through to Tron.
  • "You have that key. It will bring him to his senses. Sora, you have to fight him!"
    explaining that Sora's Keyblade is crucial to restoring Tron to normal.
  • "You and that key have a special power."
    talking to Sora after his battle against Rinzler.
  • "So does that mean we're friends?"
    asking Sora if she's now friends with him.

Riku's story[edit]

  • "Good-bye."
    telling Sam before distracting Rinzler.
  • "Sam. Go!"
    before Rinzler pushes her away to fight Riku and Sam.
  • "Sam. It's what he wants."
    talking about Kevin's reason to Sam.