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This page contains a list of quotes said by Piglet during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Wh-Wh-What am I to do? I'm all alone. Pooh? Pooh? Where are you? It's me, Piglet."
    talking about Pooh.
  • "Oh dear! I was j-just… N-Never mind. I'm sorry!"
    upon Sora finding him.
  • "Look, Rabbit's house c-came back! But it looks like Rabbit isn't home. Pooh's been calling and calling, but the house says no one's there."
    talking to Sora about Rabbit.
  • "Why, Eeyore's tail is gone! Is that what's missing?"
    talking about Eeyore's tail.
  • "I'm so glad we're all together again. I didn't know what to do when I was all alone."
    talking about them being together while on the hill.
  • "I hope you find your friends!"
    before Sora leaves.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Ooooh! Oh no, oh no, oh no... I-I-I'm nobody. You needn't pay me any mind!"
    upon meeting Sora.
  • "Oh! It's you, Pooh! I'm so relieved... I finally found someone! I got separated from the others. I was so worried, I didn't know what to do."
    talking to Pooh.
  • "Well, no, I'm still thinking. But I found something strange in the bushes. I wouldn't know what to do with it. You can have it."
    before giving Sora the Confuse card.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Sora, where are you going?"
    during Roxas's dreams.
  • "Oh, help, help! Somebody save me!"
    upon meeting him.
  • "Whew! Thank you, Sora. Oh, here comes Pooh Bear."
    upon Sora rescuing him.
  • "Oh, P-Pooh! You remembered my name? You really, truly remembered?"
    after Pooh remembers him.
  • "Well, I'll help you fix your house, Eeyore."
    talking to Eeyore.
  • "Eeyore's tail is always falling off. He often has us help him look for it."
    talking about Eeyore.
  • "Tigger is always bouncing no matter where he is. We used to bounce together, but it seems Pooh's forgotten that, too."
    talking about Tigger.
  • "Oh, please be careful with that."
    talking to Tigger.
  • "This place is dark, and feels like a maze! If I get lost, you'll find me, won't you Sora? I'm counting on you!"
    counting on Sora.
  • "I promise too!"
    promising Sora that he'll remember him.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Action Quotes[edit]

  • "Pooh Bear!"
    when Sora and Pooh reach Piglet at the end of a Blustery Rescue.
  • "I-I-I'm over here."
    when Sora and Pooh reach Piglet at the end of a Blustery Rescue.
  • "Oh Sora, that was frightening."
    when Sora and Pooh rescued Piglet at the end of a Blustery Rescue.
  • "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!"
    when panicking during The Expotition mini-game.