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This page contains a list of quotes said by Mrs. Potts during the course of Kingdom Hearts II.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Oh, they look like nice boys to me."
    upon Sora and company entering the Undercroft.
  • "It was a cold winter's night... An old beggar woman came to the castle, and asked for shelter."
    talking about Beast's past.
  • "The old woman warned our master not to be deceived by appearances... Still, he would not take her in."
    talking about Beast's past.
  • "She turned the Prince into a beast, a shape she thought fitting for his cold heart."
    talking about how Beast came to be.
  • "It's almost as if he's forgotten how to trust others."
    talking about Beast.
  • "Please talk to Cogsworth upstairs about the hidden passageway."
    talking about Cogsworth.
  • "But, as you can see, the lanterns are already burning---with an enchanted flame."
    talking about the lanterns in the Secret Passage.
  • "I'd best be off, too, dears."
    upon exiting the Secret Passage.
  • "If I could, I'd like nothing more than to serve you some tea... At least try to get some rest. This place is safe enough."
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "I know you don't want to waste any time, but you don't know what's waiting for you. You must prepare yourselves before going."
    talking to Sora and company.
  • "Take care, dears."
    saying goodbye to Sora and company during the first visit.
  • "I've never seen the master in such a temper. When the man in black said "something you hold very dear," he couldn't have meant..."
    talking about the Beast and Xaldin during Sora's second visit in Beast's Castle.
  • "Now, now---no need to be so sad. Once the rose is back safely, this will all be over."
    talking about the rose.
  • "It's as though all his hopes and dreams are tied to that single bloom..."
    talking about Beast and the rose.
  • "I'm sure those two will be just fine, but still I worry..."
    talking about the Beast and Belle.
  • "Oh, my. What a terrible turn of events. And Belle was so looking forward to today's dance..."
    talking about Belle.
  • "You can do it!"
    convincing Beast to talk to Belle.
  • "Always ready for a little adventure."
    talking about Beast and Belle.

Battle Quotes[edit]

  • "I think this will do the trick!"
    upon lighting one of the lanterns.