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This page contains a list of quotes said by Master Control Program during the course of Kingdom Hearts II.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Attention current user. This is a warning. Further misuse of this terminal will result in immediate defensive action."
    warning Sora and company.
  • "I am the Master Control Program. I oversee this system."
    introducing himself.
  • "Decision gate reached. You are now under arrest."
    "arresting" Sora and company.
  • "I still haven't located the password to the dataspace."
    talking to Sark.
  • "You're dismissed, Sark. Stop any remaining anomalies in the system---or else. End of line."
    ordering Sark.
  • "Finally. I have full access to the DTD. My takeover of the system is now complete. I might have anticipated such a simple password. What's this? An emergency destruct program for the town. Let's see how it performs."
    after receiving the dataspace password.
  • "I'm disappointed in you, Program. Why do you insist on allying with these selfish Users?"
    while talking to Tron, Sora and company.
  • "Really? And what command would that be?"
    before Hostile Program appears.
  • "Warning. User control is terminated indefinitely."
    while Leon types into the computer.
  • "What... what are you loading?"
    when Aerith loaded a disk into the computer.
  • "Tron... Don't you understand? We don't need Users. We've advanced---they're superfluous. Be a part of me, and together the world will be ours to control!"
    when first approaching him.
  • "Sark! all my functions are now yours!"
    when reviving Sark.

Battle Quotes[edit]

  • "Is that the best a user can do?"
    while not attacking.
  • "Eliminate all threats!"
    when spinning his barriers.
  • "Insignificant user!"
    after repairing his barrier.
  • "I will repair your data!"
    reviving Sark.