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This is a list of quotes said by Joshua during the course of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Riku's Story[edit]

  • "Wow! Where's your Portal? It takes something special to jump between grounds without one."
    meeting Riku.
  • "My name is Joshua."
    introducing himself to Riku.
  • "Are we just skipping past the part where you tell me your name?"
    when Riku asks what a "Portal" is.
  • "Hello there, Riku. Portals are like gateways that link up our worlds. Apparently, the world you and I are standing in right now—well, there are two copies of it. It's been sort of split in half. Portals are what let folks like us cross between them."
    explaining what a Portal is.
  • "The world is as many things as people need it to be. The concept that we all live in the same world—that's just in our heads. Surely you knew? I'll tell you what, Riku. I've got a little errand for you."
    when Riku asks if there can be two of a world.
  • "Aw, at least hear me out! I'm looking for a girl named Rhyme. She's the key to the Portal. And on the other side, who knows who we'll find? Maybe even your friend...Sora."
    when Riku says he doesn't trust him.
  • "Now I have your attention. But, unfortunately, I don't know where he is. If he's not in this version of the world, I can only assume he has to be in the other one. Simple logic."
    when Riku asks if he knows Sora.
  • ""They" being Dream Eaters? They won't go after you unless you're a dreamer. Which is funny, because I've got plenty of dreams."
    when Riku asks why the Dream Eaters do not attack Joshua.
  • "Every human being is a dreamer. I had a friend once who said he never dreamed of anything, but it turned out that his were the most powerful dreams of all. You sort of remind me of him. Why don't we give your dreams shape? In this world, they take form as Dream Eaters, which can become great allies."
    when Riku asks if he thinks he is a dreamer.
  • "Beat. How many times do we have to go over this? You've been tricked—by that rogue in the black coat. I'm telling you you've made a friend of our enemy."
    when Beat says he is going to take Joshua down.
  • "In their world, something happened that brought their existence to an end. To keep them from fading altogether, I gathered up the very last remnants of their dreams and looked for a place to give them refuge. It was then this world appeared to answer my call, and Rhyme's dreams allowed us to reach it."
    telling Sora and Riku why Neku and his friends are in Traverse Town.
  • "Here, I thought they might have a chance—that the pieces of their dreams could make them whole again. Imagine my surprise when I realized dreams take bodily form in this world. It struck me—by linking their dream pieces back together, maybe I could make them exist again. Maybe I could give them another chance."
    telling how he managed to save Neku and his friends.
  • "Well, why can't it? By ourselves, we're no one. It's when other people look at us and see someone—that's the moment we each start to exist. All they needed was someone to see them, connect with them. And the two of you were a big part of making it happen."
    telling how Neku and his friends became whole again.
  • "Let's say...a friend."
    when asked by Sora and Riku who he is.
  • "Nice of you to join us."
    greeting Riku when he is back in Traverse Town.
  • "Trouble happened. I was hoping one of you could help."
    when Riku asks what happened.
  • "Bravo, Riku. Why can't he be this quick on the uptake?"
    when Riku quickly understands that Sora also arrived in Traverse Town.
  • "Now, let's get down to the problem. We've got a nasty Dream Eater on our hands. It keeps jumping between worlds. Not only that, it knows how to summon creatures like it—pretty powerful ones, too. The others are on a mission to stop it, but they need help."
    explaining the situation.
  • "That's right. They all found their Game partners, and Shiki is over fighting in the other Traverse Town. In fact, Sora is helping them out."
    when Riku asks about the "others" being Shiki and her friends.
  • "Actually, the Dream Eater just reappeared in the Fountain Plaza. I sent Beat and his partner to face it."
    when Riku asks what he can do.
  • "Riku. There's something else you need to know. These two Traverse Towns separated by the Portal... I was under the impression they were parallel worlds, but it looks like I was wrong."
    telling Riku about the world.
  • "That's where it gets tricky. After you and Sora left, Shiki crossed the Portal to join her Game partner. Did you notice Players have a mission timer inscribed on their hands? Well, when she got to the other side, Shiki had more time left on her clock than her partner. And when Beat's partner crossed over from the other side, she had LESS time left."
    when Riku asks how Joshua is wrong.
  • "Yes, I understand that. But if these Traverse Towns were parallel worlds, then time would flow the same in both. But it doesn't, ergo they are not parallel worlds."
    when Riku says that any two worlds run on different time axes.
  • "No. Impossible. The worlds are clearly separate—it's not just time that sets them apart. As you yourself noted, every world flows at its own pace, which tells me that for all their similarities, these are two distinct worlds."
    when Riku asks if he means there is a past and a future of the world.
  • "Yes...but this is all conjecture. It's like the same world imagined by two people. What does that tell you? That we're in..."
    Joshua continues.
  • "Yes. Bravo again, Riku. In which case none of this may matter one bit to me or my friends. But to you and Sora, I think it might be vital clue."
    when Riku understands that they are in a dream.
  • "Wow. I'm running out of "bravos.""
    confirming that Riku must go to the Fountain Plaza.
  • "You know, you are such a good listener, Beat. You're like a sponge, really."
    addressing Beat.
  • "You mean "Daisukenojo Bito"?"
    teasing Beat by his full name.
  • "Riku. Remember what I said. Be careful. If this really is a dream, it's going to lie to you to try and make you think it's real."
    warning Riku before he leaves.
  • "You and Sora would break your heads on this one."
    to a confused Beat.

Sora's Story[edit]

  • "Hold on, Sora."
    when Sora is going to chase after the projection of Riku.
  • "Hello, Neku. How long the days without you have felt."
    greeting Neku.
  • "If you'd like to settle down for a sec, I'll field your questions one at a time. Let's start with Rhyme. I'm hanging on to her dreams for her. They're my Portal. Let's just say, her dreams are a gateway between worlds. Next question—how could I possibly know your name—right? This town has a little secret. It only appears when someone out there has need of shelter. I'll spare you the details, but right now it's made up of my dreams. So of course I know you—I dreamed you up. I know your best friend, Riku, too."
    explaining to Sora.
  • "Well, yeah. I'm kind of omniscient."
    when Sora asks if he knows Riku.
  • "He's right inside this projection, in another imagining of this world."
    when Sora asks where Riku is.
  • "Sad to say, it won't work for you. My "Portal thing" only opens for the one with Rhyme's dreams. In this projection, you're seeing another chain of events, in another world trapped by the Dream Eaters. As for how the world got split in two...I have a feeling you'll need to ask this guy."
    when Sora asks if he can get to the other Traverse Town with Joshua's "Portal thing".
  • "Why, hello down there, Sora. I've been waiting."
    when Sora is back in Traverse Town.
  • "Now?"
    when Sora tells him to come down so they can talk.
  • "You know you're turning more into Neku every day. But listen, I'm glad you two showed up because—"
    before Sora interrupts him.
  • "Yes. But you and he are still a world apart. He didn't seem especially worried, though. He knows he'll find you. Just look at Neku. He and the others all found their Game partners."
    when Sora asks if Riku is here.
  • "Remember what I told you. Their existence is on the line—and the Reapers are dead set on erasing them for good. But they found refuge in this world, and luckily each other too.
    when Sora asks if Neku and the others are back home safe.
  • "Right. If Neku and the others want to get back to where they came from, they need to win the "Reapers' Game." It's like a series of missions. Those are the rules of their home ground. Except...this time, the mission is a tough one. They're pitted against a Dream Eater that can summon a hundred more like it. So, I was sort of hoping you and Riku could help us out. You have your Keyblades, and with those, we might still have a chance."
    explaining the Reapers' Game.
  • "If he is, Riku's on one side of the Portal, and you're on the other. He might be by your side—he might be a million miles away. You can't measure the distance in time or space. Even without the wall between you, it's hard to say."
    explaining the situation of Sora and Riku.
  • "Then you two are lucky."
    when Sora says Riku is with him even when it might seem like he is not.
  • "I appreciate you saying that with conviction, even though you have no idea what you're talking about."
    when Sora says that Joshua and Neku are lucky too.
  • "Anyway...Neku and his partner are pinned down in the Fountain Plaza. I can count on you, right?"
    counting on Sora.
  • "I'm sorry, is this a bad time? Because that Dream Eater we're after has retreated to the other imagining of this world."
    interrupting Sora, Neku and Shiki.
  • "Yes. He and our other friends will do what they can. But we'll just run ourselves in circles at this rate. We need to trap that thing in one place, and then we can finish it."
    when Sora asks if it is where Riku is.
  • "The Third District."
    when Sora asks where to trap the Spellican.
  • "Yes, Neku?"
    when Neku stops to speak to him.
  • "But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself and you give up on the world."
    when Neku asks if they will ever get home again.
  • "Me?"
    when Neku asks if he will see Joshua back home.
  • "Maybe it's you that's turning into Sora. Thanks."
    when Neku tells him he is his friend too.
  • "It's working! He pulled through for us!"
    after Riku successfully traps the Spellican.
  • "Somewhere else. Out of Traverse Town, and out of my reach. We'll just have to let it go."
    when Neku asks where the Spellican went.
  • "Well, I guess the rules of the world don't apply if your hearts are connected—right, Sora? That's how you roll."
    when the Spellican escapes from Traverse Town.
  • "Anything I should pass on to Riku?"
    after him, Sora, Neku, and Shiki promises to meet in Shibuya.