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This page contains a list of quotes said by Goofy during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Ventus's Story[edit]

  • "Gawrsh, the King must be pretty far away by now..."
    talking about Mickey.
  • "Yen Sid, sir! We just got a clue as to where the King might be!"
    talking to Yen Sid.
  • "This feller Venquist—Ventilate, Veggie—"
    trying to pronounce Ventus's name.
  • "Just tell us where the King is, Mr. Yen Sid, sir...and me and Donald will go right there and save him!"
    talking to Yen Sid about finding Mickey.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Hey there, Donald. G'morning."
    upon being woken up to Donald.
  • "Gawrsh, I sure hope he's all right."
    talking about Mickey.
  • "Gawrsh, Jiminy, your world disappeared, too?"
    talking to Jiminy about his world.
  • "Look, a star's goin' out!"
    upon entering Traverse Town.
  • "Uh, Donald. Ya know, I betcha that..."
    talking to Donald about which direction to go.
  • "But they're supposed to be a secret."
    talking to Aerith about the worlds.
  • "Gawrsh, are these the Heartless guys?"
    being surrounded by Heartless.
  • "Yeah, ya gotta look funny, like us!"
    talking to Sora.
  • "Name's Goofy."
    introducing himself to Sora.
  • "We're outsiders, so wouldn't that be muddling?"
    talking to Sora and Donald in Wonderland.
  • "This gummi ain't like the others. No, sir."
    talking about a Gummi once the Wonderland Keyhole is locked.
  • "Yup. He's a real hero chosen by the Keyblade!"
    talking to Phil about Sora being a hero.
  • "Hey, Donald, maybe King Mickey's down there."
    upon seeing Deep Jungle.
  • "Sora, look what we found. Look at this."
    showing Sora a Gummi block.
  • "But it's sure not the king's."
    upon locking the Deep Jungle Keyhole.
  • "Oh, and guess what? Sora's the Keyblade master."
    talking to Riku about Sora.
  • "Uh... So that makes you a princess."
    talking to Jasmine.
  • "Whoa, we'd better get out of here!"
    when the Cave of Wonders starts shaking.
  • "It's a giant whale!"
    upon seeing Monstro.
  • "Uh, ya know, I think that big ol' whale Monstro just swallowed us. And for today's weather: expect showers."
    talking to Sora while inside Monstro.
  • "I sure hope Pinocchio and Geppetto are okay."
    upon escaping Monstro.
  • "Yup. We came to find the Keyhole."
    talking to King Triton.
  • "Oh, yeah, the crystal! Why did you destroy it?"
    talking to King Triton about why he destroyed the Crystal Trident.
  • "This sure is a spooky place. I'll bet the people here are scary-lookin' too."
    upon entering Halloween Town.
  • "Uh, a big ship is catching up to us."
    upon seeing a pirate ship in the Gummi ship.
  • "So, uh, how come you can fly?"
    talking to Peter Pan about how he can fly.
  • "Uh, Kairi couldn't wake up, so maybe she's really lost her—"
    after defeating Captain Hook.
  • "The king told us to go out and find the key bearer, and we found you. So as long as we stick together, it'll all work out okay. Ya just gotta believe in yourself, that's all."
    talking to Sora in Traverse Town.
  • "Gawrsh, look at that!"
    upon entering Hollow Bastion.
  • "Oh! Well, I know the king told us to follow the key and all... But..."
    upon leaving Sora.
  • "Not on your life! But I'm not gonna betray Sora, either, 'cause he's become one of my best buddies after all we've been through together! See ya later, Donald. Could ya tell the king I'm really sorry?"
    defending Sora from Riku.
  • "It won't work! The Keyhole's not finished yet!"
    talking about the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.
  • "Do you think we can stop him all by ourselves?"
    after Sora disappears.
  • "Gawrsh, is that all that's left of the worlds taken by the Heartless?"
    upon entering End of the World.
  • "I wonder where that Ansem feller went?"
    - talking about Ansem.
  • "Your Majesty!"
    upon seeing Mickey on the other side of the Door to Darkness.
  • "But, uh, where do we start lookin' for that there door to the light?"
    talking to Sora during the ending.
  • "Gawrsh, that's the king's seal!"
    before he, Sora and Donald chase Pluto during the ending.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

  • "Ansem?"
    suspecting Xemnas's identity.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories [edit]

  • "You sure we should just barge in like this?"
    upon entering Castle Oblivion.
  • "Okay, but we should shut the door behind us. Sora!"
    before a hooded man appears.
  • " Hey, wait a second... Donald, where'd you get the new duds?"
    after the tutorial with the hooded man.
  • "Gawrsh, your fighting's gotten kinda rusty. You sure you don't need us?"
    talking to Sora about his fighting.
  • "Aerith left with Leon and the others, remember?"
    talking to Sora about Aerith leaving.
  • "More cards?"
    after battling Axel.
  • "Yeah, just about anything could happen here in Castle Oblibbity...uh, Oblostemy..."
    talking about Castle Oblivion.
  • "Look, Sora! Someone's in trouble!"
    upon entering Agrabah.
  • "So, uh, why are you going to the palace, Aladdin?"
    talking to Aladdin.
  • "It's that castle I mentioned earlier. I'm sure I didn't make it up. That was the castle where Sora used the Keyblade to free Kairi's heart. Then he disappeared for a while, remember? I'll never forget how worried I was."
    talking about Hollow Bastion.
  • "Sora, when you turned into a Heartless, did you forget about us?"
    talking to Sora about when he turned into a Heartless.
  • "Gawrsh, that was nice of him to wait for us to catch up!"
    upon seeing Cloud.
  • "Gawrsh, looks like some kind of get-together. What's the occasion?"
    upon seeing Alice on trial.
  • "Maybe somebody swiped her memory again?"
    before battling Trickmaster.
  • "Nice and warm, too. I'm startin' to feel like a nap."
    while inside Monstro.
  • " Now, don't be so hard on the little fella, Jiminy. We promise not to get mad, Pinocchio. Is that why you're afraid to tell? No need to fret. Tell us the truth — we'll understand. Put yer trust in Goofy!"
    talking to Jiminy about Pinocchio.
  • "Tell us about her! Talking about it might help you remember."
    trying to make Sora remember.
  • "Gawrsh! Don't like the looks of this place. I bet it's crawlin' with ghosts!"
    upon entering Halloween Town.
  • "Hey, what's that sparkling thingy you got there?"
    talking to Ariel.
  • "Sora, are you okay?"
    after Sora battle Riku.
  • "Maybe if you stay here, Peter will change his mind and come back."
    talking to Wendy.
  • "I hear voices! I wonder who it is."
    upon entering Hollow Bastion.
  • "You mean the Beast? Then why were you so mean to him before?"
    talking to Belle.
  • "Do you owe him something?"
    talking to Vexen.
  • "Naminé's good luck charm!"
    upon seeing the good luck charm.
  • "Riku's good luck charm turned into...a card?!"
    talking about Riku's good luck charm.
  • "That's not what Donald meant. We're just worried."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Sora...what's happening to you?"
    talking to Sora.
  • "You always get real touchy when it comes to Naminé. Did you ever ask yourself why?"
    talking about how Sora has changed.
  • "It doesn't make sense. Maybe you should stop and think things through?"
    talking to Sora.
  • "Right! It's always been the three of us..."
    before battling Larxene.
  • "Gawrsh, you must be Naminé! We're friends of Sora, I'm —"
    upon meeting Naminé.
  • "Then let's make a promise!"
    talking to Sora and Donald.
  • "What you said back there got me thinking. It's easier to face the scary stuff when you've got a promise to keep!"
    talking about making a promise.
  • "That's easy. No matter what happens—even if we end up far apart or forget each other.."
    making a promise with Sora and Donald.
  • "Naminé, can you put Riku's memory back to normal?"
    talking to Naminé about bringing back Riku's memories.
  • "But when we wake up, we won't remember you anymore..."
    before going to sleep to revive their memories.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Hey, do ya think it's okay to barge in?"

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Hey, why don't you come with us? We can go to other worlds on our vessel."
    during Roxas's dreams.
  • "When do ya think we went to sleep?"
    upon waking Sora.
  • "Oh, sorry. We're Sora, Donald, and Goofy."
    talking to Pence.
  • "It coulda been... Yep, I know it was!"
    upon Mickey leaving.
  • "Yeah. We can visit Hayner and those guys again."
    before the train leaves Twilight Town.
  • "You oughta find somethin' nicer to do."
    talking to Pete.
  • "We sure do! Pete's been causin' trouble for ages! His Majesty banished him to another dimension a long time ago. I wonder how he escaped."
    upon noticing Pete.
  • "Well, it's a good thing we're on the job, then."
    after defeating some Heartless.
  • "Yes, we did, Master. But we didn't get a chance to talk to him."
    talking to Yen Sid.
  • "Two Keyblades!"
    upon seeing Sora in his Valor Form.
  • "Wait! I think it's a world we know!"
    upon seeing Hollow Bastion.
  • "He's Donald's uncle---a business typhoon! Before the Heartless showed up, he traveled the worlds on a Gummi Ship with the King. He was helpin' to set up a traffic system."
    talking about Scrooge McDuck.
  • "Kinda cool, huh?"
    upon getting the Hollow Bastion Membership cards.
  • "Gawrsh, maybe we better look before we leap."
    talking to Sora and Donald upon them thinking Mushu is a Heartless.
  • "We didn't know we were borrowin' somebody as important as a family guardian."
    talking to Ping about Mushu.
  • "It kinda is our fault."
    after the avalanche.
  • "But Mushu, I thought you already WERE a family guardian!"
    talking to Mushu.
  • "And sorta gloomy, don't ya think?"
    upon entering Beasts Castle.
  • "The Beast is a prince!?"
    upon finding out that Beast is a prince.
  • "That's right. And they were gonna make you into a Heartless. That way, they could get that Nobody of yours and have control over it."
    talking to Beast.
  • "Oh, was it you who summoned us, Merlin?"
    talking to Merlin.
  • "Gawrsh, maybe ya better go back and make sure Pooh's all right."
    worried about Pooh.
  • "Gawrsh... Sounds like you're more than just friends!"
    talking to Megara.
  • "We've got to get that Olympus Stone back fast!"
    while in the Underworld.
  • "Gawrsh, I hope ya feel better soon, Hercules."
    talking to Hercules.
  • "Ya know, somethin' just don't feel quite right..."
    upon entering Disney Castle.
  • "Your Royal Highness, did ya happen to summon us?"
    talking to Minnie.
  • " Hey, look! There's the Cornerstone of Light!"
    upon entering Timeless River.
  • "You know, somethin' doesn't seem quite right here. Are you sure you're Pete?"
    talking to Captain Pete.
  • "Pete's headin' for the doorway!"
    before fighting Pete.
  • "Daisy is Donald's very special sweetheart."
    talking about Daisy and Donald.
  • "She can't be in the musical like that."
    talking about Ariel.
  • "I wonder where that sea witch coulda gone."
    talking about where Ursula may be.
  • "You found your first love and he found you, too."
    while singing in "A New Day is Dawning".
  • "Kinda different."
    upon entering Port Royal.
  • "Yep. And that pirate captain looked pretty mean, too."
    talking about Barbossa.
  • "We'll be blown to smithereens!"
    upon being tied and captured by Barbossa.
  • "Uh-huh! Hey, Sora---how come your face is all red?"
    after defeating Barbossa.
  • "Gawrsh, I wonder how Aladdin 'n' Jasmine are doin'?"
    upon entering Agrabah.
  • "Aw, we'd've been goners if Iago hadn't helped us. Ain't that right, fellas?"
    talking about Iago.
  • "I think he means Santa Claus."
    correcting Jack Skellington.
  • "Yup, you oughta stick to Halloween and spooky stuff!"
    talking to Jack about sticking to Halloween.
  • "I dunno, Sora. I get the feelin' they might live here."
    upon being surrounded by Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.
  • "I think she means you're not cut out for the job, Sora."
    explaining to Sora that he cannot be King.
  • "Donald's right, you know! Why, you're the key that connects everything!"
    after returning to the Gummi Ship from Twilight Town.
  • "Looks like there's more Heartless now."
    upon returning to Hollow Bastion.
  • "No bother, ma'am!"
    him, Sora and Donald talking to Tifa.
  • "Nice to meet'cha, Tron. I'm Goofy."
    introducing himself to Tron.
  • "Gee, Tron, ain't the MCP one of those programs, too? Do ya know who it was who made it?"
    talking to Tron about the MCP.
  • "Uh, yes, sir! Ya see, we're lookin' for the secret password."
    taking to Mickey about the password.
  • "I thought I'd ask the computer if it can tell us about them Nobodies."
    before he types something about the Nobodies.
  • "Uh, I'm kinda confused. If he's a fake, then what happened to the real Ansem?"
    confused about Ansem.
  • "Ain't Sephiroth the one who's supposed to be the dark part of Cloud's heart?"
    talking about Sephiroth.
  • "You're comin' with us whether ya want to or not!"
    talking to Sora about staying put.
  • "Yeah, we gotta go help our friends out first."
    after defeating Demyx.
  • "Look out!"
    before being knocked out by a rock.
  • "Gawrsh, Yer Majesty, I get bumped on the head all the time."
    talking to Mickey.
  • "You mean it's his Nobody!"
    seeing Xemnas.
  • "Organization XIII wants to get rid of the Heartless?"
    talking to Axel.
  • "What's this place?"
    upon appearing in the Realm of Darkness.
  • "Gawrsh, it's the gang from Twilight Town. There's Hayner, Pence, Olette...and, uh, um..."
    seeing the photograph.
  • "A photo and some ice cream? Hmm. Wonder if they're some sorta clue. And who woulda left 'em for us, anyway?"
    contemplating what's going on.
  • "How come you're after somebody from Organization XIII?"
    talking to Mulan.
  • "Guess it wasn't Riku."
    after defeating the Sniper Nobodies.
  • "Uh, maybe we came at a bad time."
    upon entering Beasts Castle for the second time.
  • "Don't be bashful, now."
    convincing Beast.
  • "Interceptor off the starboard bow!"
    after boarding the Interceptor.
  • "Oh, no! We can't stop the curse unless we got all the medallions!"
    once Luxord takes some of the medallions.
  • "Aw, I understand. Jack musta been cursed by that monster, not from takin' the gold."
    before battling Grim Reaper.
  • "A-hyuck! He and Sora are kind of alike, dontcha think?"
    talking about how Sora and Jack Sparrow are alike.
  • "Gawrsh, Herc. We know you're a hero!"
    talking to Hercules.
  • "Gawrsh, he musta had a pretty rough life."
    talking about Auron's life.
  • "Gee, then how do we beat him?"
    talking about how can they beat Hades.
  • "Gawrsh, Iago. I hope ya didn't hurt yourself."
    talking to Iago.
  • "So, uh, where do you think we oughta leave them?"
    talking about where to put the fake presents.
  • "Jack, that must be Sally's present!"
    talking to Jack about Sally's present.
  • "But he's not here, Simba. It's all up to you now. And that means the important thing is what you're gonna do being the king. Not what your father woulda done."
    talking to Simba.
  • "Hooray for Simba!"
    upon Scar's ghost disappearing.
  • "Didn't that Heartless look like the ones from Tron's world?"
    upon coming back to Hollow Bastion.
  • "Gawrsh, it's only us!"
    talking to Leon.
  • "Gawrsh, Tron, it's like a promise that we'll see each other again real soon."
    talking to Tron.
  • "I'm not sure we should tell ya."
    before Sora battles Sephiroth.
  • "Where'd they go? Do ya think they made it back to their own world?"
    after Cloud and Sephiroth's fight.
  • "Gawrsh, aren't we here because of the picture?"
    upon landing in Twilight Town.
  • "The pouch is from the King. When he gave us munny for the train ride, he gave us the crystal too."
    talking about where he got the pouch from.
  • "This town sure is dark. This is where the Nobodies live, right? C'mon. Let's try to find a path to the castle Kairi's being held at."
    talking about The World That Never Was.
  • "Gawrsh, I dunno. You just disappeared. Then me and Donald had to fight some Nobodies."
    after Sora meets Roxas.
  • "That castle's the enemy's headquarters. It's probably swarming with Nobodies. They're tough opponents, but they all have weaknesses. Try to find them out."
    talking about the Nobodies.
  • "Be careful! I think we got company!"
    talking about the Nobodies.
  • "Golly, I feel darkness around us but we haven't seen any members of Organization XIII. But you know they always show up out of nowhere, so let's be ready."
    talking about Organization XIII.
  • "Here he comes!"
    before fighting Xigbar.
  • "It doesn't look like we can get to Kairi directly from here. I know you're in a hurry, but we need to take that path over there."
    talking to Sora about Kairi.
  • "But it was him that was helpin' us, wasn't it?"
    talking about Riku.
  • "So Riku was the one who's been helping us all along. You two must be best pals for him to change his look to help ya!"
    talking to Sora about Riku.
  • "I wonder how far the King went? I know he's strong enough to take care of himself, but I'm still worried."
    talking about King Mickey.
  • "I wonder what this castle was built for? It's pretty mysterious."
    talking about the Castle That Never Was.
  • "What's goin' on?"
    upon the door appearing.
  • "The Kingdom Hearts opened the door to Xemnas. We can't let this chance slip by. It's going to be a tough fight, but we can do it!"
    before the final battle.
  • "Wait for me!"
    before he goes through the portal.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "Ehem. Riku had all the data from the notebook inside of him, right?"
    talking about Riku.
  • "Uhhmmmm... There're bugs, too. Gawrsh, maybe we oughta worry."
    talking about the Bug Blox.
  • "His Highness said to wait at the castle. Should've figured this would happen."
    talking to Sora.
  • "By the way, have you seen Donald? We were on our way here together, but we got separated..."
    talking to Sora about where Donald is.
  • "I feel like I can do something I couldn't do before."
    before earning Trinity Limit.
  • "He even said he'd fight with us! His feelings, they're so deep, and so happy! That's how... that's how we know for sure! Sora has a heart, and it's inside of us!"
    talking about Sora.
  • "A-hyuck. We'll help you out any way we can."
    before Sora is taken by the Keyhole.
  • "Sora! Sora! You're back!"
    upon Sora returning.
  • "That means...You and Sora will forget all about meeting us and everything we ever said to each other!?"
    talking about Riku and Sora.
  • "Gawrsh. We never did find out about that mysterious message."
    talking about the message.
  • " The data was restored, so everything in the notebook is back the way it started, so..."
    upon the data being restored.
  • "Even if Sora doesn't know us, we know him. You're important to us, Sora."
    during the ending.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • "Gawrsh, maybe if we could get in there somehow and fix the data, we could figure out what's wrong."
    talking about the world data.
  • "So, uh, Your Majesty... What is it we're doing, exactly?"
    talking to Mickey.
  • "Gawrsh, I thought Sora said he was alone in that dream."
    talking to Mickey.
  • "Gawrsh, what happened? I'm still seein' stars, a-hyuck!"
    to everyone.
  • "Huh? Hey, look at the monitor!"
    to everyone.
  • ""More hurts than the one...we have just undone"?"
    reading out what the computer wrote.
  • "Hmm, I wonder what's goin' on inside the journal."
    worried about what is going on in the journal.
  • "Hey, do you fellas think that maybe the journal's tryin' to tell us somethin'?"
    before the Heartless appear.
  • "Gawrsh, we're tryin'. It said we've already undone some of it, right?"
    to everyone.
  • "Uh...fellas... The door's still locked."
    to everyone.
  • "Chip and Dale musta come back to rescue us!"
    before the door opens showing Sora.
  • "Well if Sora's here with us, and Chip and Dale are out there lookin' in, then..."
    to everyone.
  • "That's swell!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Hmm? Something's happenin'..."
    to everyone.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX[edit]

  • "Here I come, Sora! Heartless, be gone!"
    rescuing Data-Sora in Hollow Bastion.
  • "By the way, have ya seen Donald anywhere?"
    conversing with Data-Sora on Donald's whereabouts.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • "He'll be just fine as long as Riku's with him."
    talking about Sora.
  • "Look, it's a raven!"
    When Diablo comes in from the window.
  • "Gawrsh, what's it say?"
    when Mickey is reading the letter.
  • "She took Queen Minnie?"
    when finding out that Maleficent kidnapped Queen Minnie.
  • "King Mickey, we're going with you!"
    decides to go with King Mickey to save Queen Minnie along with Donald.
  • "Gawrsh, at least he's honest, in a dishonest way."
    talking about Pete holding Queen Minnie.
  • "WHAT!?"
    when Lea said something to Yen Sid.
  • "But you do know where they are?"
    telling Yen Sid where Sora and Riku are.
  • "But what if he did the same thing as Sora and Riku did, and he jumped through time?"
    talking about Xehanort traveling through time.
  • "We're goin' too."
    wanting to go with King Mickey.
  • "I think so."
    crash lands into Where Nothing Gathers.
  • "Gee, we're all connected to Sora."
    talking about being connected to Sora.
  • "Gawrsh, it sure is yummy!"
    having a tea party.
  • "Gee, Sora, you're kinda acting like it's you that passed."
    when Sora congratulates Riku on becoming a Keyblade Master.
  • "Do ya have to go?"
    when Sora is leaving for something to take care of.
  • "Sora's late. Do ya think he's okay?"
    wondering if Sora is okay.
  • "Gawrsh, Lea sure hurried back to Radiant Garden, and now Master Yen Sid's sending Riku away, too, on some mystery errand."
    talking to Donald.
  • "Ya think we'll ever get to do something important?"
    asking Donald.
  • "Oh! Welcome back, Riku! Hey, wait..."
    noticing Riku is back with someone else.

As a Musketeer[edit]

  • "Stand back! Here goes nothin'!"
    before going the wrong way.
  • "Where's the bad guys?"
    trying to find the Dream Eaters.
  • "Really? You mean we clobbered 'em?"
    talking about the dream eaters.
  • "Gawrsh, do I know you from somewhere?"
    talking to Sora.
  • "And I'm Goofy."
    introducing himself to Sora.
  • "Great! Should we do the thing?"
    talking about the musketeer pose.
  • "Well, it's the thing we say of all the things we do together."
    whispering into Sora's ear about "the thing."
  • "And one for all!"
    doing the pose along with his friends.
  • "Why? The one, two... three of us are ready for anything!"
    when they are assigned to protect Princess Minnie.
  • "Bad guy?"
    when a Nightmare Tyranto Rex appears.
  • "As long as we all stick together, I know we can get the princess back!"
    when they are going to rescue the princess.
  • "Hey, look, Mickey! There's the carriage! But there's no sign of the princess."
    when they found the carriage.
  • "It's the bad guys!"
    talking about the Beagle Boys.
  • "An it might even be a good one, too! Hold on."
    when he had an idea.
  • "Charge!"
    going out of the window with Mickey.
  • "How'd I do?"
    after he and Mickey got rid of the Beagle Boys.
  • "All for one, and one for all!"
    doing the pose with his friends.
  • "Huh? Do you see that?"
    seeing something.
  • "Hey, you! Not so fast!"
    before running off.
  • "Sora?"
    seeing Sora unconscious.
  • "Captain Pete and his guys took Mickey to Mont Saint-Michel. And that means he's in big trouble! Once the tide comes in, the dungeon'll fill up with water!"
    talking about where Mickey is being held.
  • "Best of friends to the very end!"
    talking about friendship.
  • "Only what kind of heart it is that beats inside of ya!"
    when Mickey says that they're not musketeers.
  • "Yeah, it's three against one now!"
    before battling Pete.
  • "All for one, and one for all!"
    doing the pose with his friends.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A fragmentary passage[edit]

  • "You were gone a long time. What were ya doin'?"
    talking to Sora upon his arrival.
  • "Sora..."
    worried about Sora for losing his power.
  • "You can count on us to take care of Sora!"
    asking Yen Sid that he and Donald accompany Sora.
  • "I never woulda thought you'd fail that exam, Sora."
    talking to Sora about his exam.
  • "But the three of us together make a whole pint!"
    talking to Sora about being strong together.
  • "Oh, this is gonna be lots of fun!"
    saying that their new adventure will be fun.
  • "Count on us!"
    before leaving the Mysterious Tower.
  • "Looks like all the old highways are closed. Didn't Master Yen Sid say that Sora should trust the guidance his heart gives?"
    talking about the previous routes being closed off.
  • "Well, since we've already been before, why don't you try picturing our friends like we're there?"
    trying to give Sora an advice.
  • ""May your heart be your guiding key.""
    remembering what Yen Sid said.
  • "Master Yen Sid always said that, right before we went off on any of our real important adventures."
    talking about the phrase he just said.
  • "Maybe I just imagined it."
    about Yen Sid's supposed quote.
  • "It's a gate!"
    when Sora opens a portal using his Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Sora!"
    when supporting Sora.
  • "Donald!"
    when supporting Donald.
  • "Jack!"
    when supporting Jack Skellington.
  • "Beast!"
    when supporting Beast.
  • "Aladdin!"
    when supporting Aladdin.
  • "Yeah!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Thanks, pal!"
    when supported.
  • "I've had it, fellers..."
    when knocked out.
  • "C'mon!"
    when revived.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Sora!"
    when told to retreat.
  • "Tarzan!"
    when supporting Tarzan.
  • "Ariel!"
    when supporting Ariel.
  • "Peter Pan!"
    when supporting Peter Pan.
  • "Ah-hyuck!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Take that!"
    when using Rocket.
  • "C'mon!"
    when using Charge or Tornado.
  • "Don't give up!"
    when told to retreat.
  • "Help!"
    when falling into low health.
  • "We did it!"
    after winning a coliseum round.
  • "Not bad, huh?"
    after winning a coliseum round.
  • "Aw, shucks!"
    after losing a coliseum round.
  • "We lost..."
    after losing a coliseum round.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "I'm here to help ya"
    Goofy activating his Limit Break.
  • "You made me mad!"
    Goofy activating his Final Limit.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Ping!"
    when supporting Ping.
  • "Mulan!"
    when supporting Mulan.
  • "Auron!"
    when supporting Auron.
  • "Captain!"
    when supporting Jack Sparrow.
  • "Simba!"
    when supporting Simba.
  • "Tron!"
    when supporting Tron.
  • "Riku!"
    when supporting Riku.
  • "C'mon!"
    when switched into the party.
  • "Somebody come quick!"
    when falling into low health.
  • "Take that!"
    at the end of Knocksmash or Whirli-Goof.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "I know what to do, Sora!"
    signaling Goofy Bombardier or Trinity Guard.
  • "My shield's ready!"
    signaling Goofy Bombardier or Trinity Guard.
  • "Gawrsh, thanks!"
    being supported.