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This page contains a list of quotes said by Genie during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts coded.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Wish Number One, coming right up!"
    upon coming out of his lamp.
  • "Please, kid, leave the intros to a professional. The one and only GENIE OF THE LAMP! Rub-a-dub-dub the lamp and have your dearest wishes granted. Today's winner is... Aladdin! Congratlations!"
    Genie's introduction to Sora and his friends.
  • "Patience, my fine, feathered friend! Any three wishes! A one wish, a two wish, three wish. Then I make like a banana and split! Our lucky winner made his first wish—and let me tell you, what a doozy that wish was—so he has two left. So, master, what'll you have for Wish Number Two?"
    talking about the wishes.
  • "Comes with the job. Phenomenal cosmic powers. Itty-bitty living space. It's always three wishes, then back to my portable prison. I'm lucky to see the light of day every century or two..."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Keyhole, eh? I could swear I've heard about that somewhere before..."
    talking about the Keyhole.
  • "One wish left! You're making this really easy, you know."
    when Aladdin makes his second wish to rescue Jasmine from Jafar.
  • "Sorry, Al. The one with the lamp calls the shots. I don't have a choice."
    before fighting Jafar.
  • "Uh, earth to Al. Hello? You still have one wish left. Look, just say the word. Ask me to find Jasmine for you."
    asking Aladdin for his last wish.
  • "Hmm. Sorry, Al. I'm done taking orders from others. But... A favor, now that's entirely different. I guess I could give that a try. After all, we're pals, right, Al?"
    after being freed from the lamp.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Did someone say "wish"? Then stand back, kids, genie of the lamp coming through! There ain't nothin' I can't make right as rain — well, if we HAD rain. But enough dry jokes! One Heartless disappearing act, coming right up!"
    upon meeting him.
  • "Then we'll just have to DO something about that, Al! Can I call you Al? So, what'll it be? Fame? Fortune? A herd of luxury camels to call your very own?"
    talking about Aladdin's next wish.
  • "Sorry, Al. My hands are tied on this one. I gotta obey whoever has his mitts on the lamp."
    talking to Aladdin after handing Jasmine to Jafar.
  • "He sure does. Time for me to make a prince outta this guy! 'Course, I'd like to be free. But like they always say, genies can't be choosers. You're probably miffed about that whole puppet-of-Jafar thing, anyway. Go on, Al. Wish for what's really in your heart. Be a prince. Get the girl."
    talking about Aladdin's last wish.
  • "Say no more, little pal! I know JUST what you're thinking. Here you go, Sora!"
    before giving Sora his summon card.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "Yeah, figure that one out!"
    upon meeting Roxas.
  • "Well all right, then! One personal introduction, coming right up! The name's Genie-Formerly-Of-The-Lamp...but call me by my first name, kids!"
    introducing himself to Roxas and Xion.
  • "Me, I was just swinging by Agrabah to check inn... When, all of a sudden, Carpet here decides to put the hassel to the metal and take off! Says he spotted a friend."
    talking about Carpet.
  • "I know, crazy isn't it? I tag along all ready to reminisce about old times... But I have no idea in the cosmos who you are! You sure this is a friend of ours, Rugman?"
    talking to Carpet whether Roxas is his friend.
  • "That's the one! My buddy Al's hometown. Why, when we first met, Al and I were inseparable..."
    talking about Aladdin.
  • "But we got to worrying about how Al was doing...so we figured we'd pop back in to check up on him."
    talking about Aladdin.
  • "Al said no magic, right? I'd love to just fix the place, but even a genie's got to respect his friend's wishes."
    talking about not using magic to help Aladdin.
  • "Okay, forget "who." WHERE are you two!?"
    after Roxas and Xion leaves.
  • "Oh, stop. I'm not that scary. Are you trying to give me a complex?"
    talking to Roxas.
  • "This, from the guy who vanished into thin air the last time we met! Well, anyway... I'm glad to see Al's doing all right. Now I can enjoy the rest of my vacation free of worries!"
    talking to Roxas about leaving last time.
  • "Aww... Okay, then. This time, it's so long for real!"
    before leaving.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "I'm HOME!"
    upon coming back to Agrabah.
  • "Al, you princely little muffin, you!"
    accidentally hugging Pete.
  • "Aw, of course, what am I saying? You're living at the palace now."
    talking to himself.
  • "Uhhhh... Princess Jasmine, you sure that you want that pigeon in the coop?"
    talking about Iago.
  • "Al can't miss Sora's big farewell party! I'll have him back in a jiffy!"
    before disappearing.
  • "Alakaza---uh... You know? One lousy sandstorm is just too easy."
    before vanishing a sandstorm.
  • "You went mano a mano with Jafar, and you didn't invite me, Al?"
    after defeating Jafar Genie.
  • "Et voila! Next time let me put in a few swimming pools, 'kay?"
    before leaving.
  • "Is that my cue? Am I on? C'mon, Al! Lemme build a freeway or something!"
    insisting on using magic to "improve" Agrabah.
  • "But I can't hold it any longer! Yee-haw! Oh that's good!"
    when Aladdin tells him not to panic.
  • "Sora, Donald, Goofy, you guys are too much. If you're ever in the mood for some more cosmic razzle-dazzle, gimme a shout, ok?"
    telling Sora, Donald, and Goofy to call him if they need help.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "Need a hand? Looks like you do! Troubles, problems, worries, I can make them all disappear! When you need assistance from the Genie of the Lamp... Just call on me and I'll make any wish come true in a snap!"
    upon meeting Sora.
  • "Not at all. What kind of a Genie would I be if I couldn't make do with a wishy-washy wish? How about I make this one a freebie and we'll say it evens out? I'll tell you exactly who made time stop in the city and made all this fuss. How about that? Didn't even make you wish for it!"
    talking to Sora.
  • "Looks like it's waking up, and this guy is NOT a smooth riser!"
    talking about the Cave of Wonder's Guardian waking up.
  • "Of course he will. Time will start flowing again and he'll be a free man! Pretty nice deal. Lucky guy! I wish I could be a free genie...It's a rough life, being bound to obey my master, until he wishes me free."
    talking about being a genie.
  • "Whoah, Sora, time to go already?"
    before Sora leaves.
  • "Sora...I will grant that wish to the letter. Thank you, Sora!"
    talking about Sora's last wish.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • "Troubles, Al? Whoa! You look a little green around the gills, buddy. Oh! Strike that. Everything looks green. Well--Hey, wait. You are not Al."
    mistaking Data-Sora for Aladdin.
  • "The name's Genie. Last name "of the lamp," hey, how ya doin'. Ya got, like, issues, man? Just make a wish! Problems solved! Wrongs righted! Service while you wait!"
    upon meeting Data-Sora.
  • "No sirree. Three per customer, while supplies last! That's the limit. Can't expect other people to take care of every little thing."
    when Data-Sora asks Genie if he'll grant all his wishes.
  • "You wished it, kiddo, you got it. Badda-bing!"
    when Data-Sora "wishes" Agrabah had fewer problems.
  • "Well? Whaddaya think of your new, totally phantom-free city?"
    upon making Jafar's phantoms disappear.
  • "Huh? Oh dear. Cue remorseful genie in 3, 2, 1... Well, you did say "fewer problems"... Sorry, kid, I guess I just sorta went by the book."
    when he forgot about helping Aladdin.
  • "Well, I won't have a half-granted wish on my permanent record! We'll call that one a freebie. And guess what--to make it up to you, I've even got a trace on your bad guy. How's that for service?"
    claiming he knows Jafar's location.
  • "You got it, boss! Buckle up, 'cause here...we...gooo!"
    when Data-Sora makes his first official wish.
  • "Correctamundo! The spell was just on the city."
    telling Data-Sora that Jafar only cast the time spell on Agrabah itself, not the entire world whole.
  • "Hmm, this isn't going to be easy, chief. I'm picking up a triple dose of traps on my lamp-dar."
    warning Data-Sora about the traps Jafar placed.
  • "Hmm, this place smells fishy, and we're a long way from water."
    sensing Jafar's presence to be very close
  • "Well, sure there is! A few swift kicks in Jafar's caboose oughta kickstart time for Agrabah. And Al will be free as a bird! I'm jealous, really. I'd give anything for that freedom... But, I'm stuck until my master wishes me free."
    when Data-Sora asks Genie if there's still hope for Aladdin and Agrabah.
  • "That's okay. I don't have any. But there's genie-hood for you! Phenomenal, cosmic power... Itty-bitty living space. ...Wow, déjà vu! I think I said the same thing to Al. Ya know, he seemed to understand more than the others..."
    talking about his job and Aladdin.
  • "*Bzzrt bfft* Genie here. Do you read me, Sora? He's not kidding about the invincible part. None of your attacks can hurt him. But, Jafar is a genie now. Which means..."
    talking to Data-Sora about defeating Jafar.
  • "Nab that, and you've got a shot, kiddo. Just be careful! Jafar still has the power to call time-out."
    talking about Jafar's lamp.
  • "Now's your chance, Sora! Knock down that lamp! But you can't give Iago the old one-two if you can't reach him... See anything around that'll give a leg-up?"
    telling Data-Sora to use the Bug Blox to his advantage.

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Hello!"
    when summoned.
  • "You got it!"
    starting Showtime!
  • "This may leave a mark!"
    during Showtime!
  • "Toodle-doo!"
    when dismissed.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Make some room!"
    when summoned
  • "Sora!"
    when healing Sora and when summoned.
  • "Genie, over and out!"
    when dismissed.

Battle Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Whoa! Watch out!"
    while attacking during Jafar battle.
  • "I'm really sorry for this! Run!"
    while attacking during Jafar battle.
  • "Quick, quick, get out of the way!"
    while attacking during Jafar battle.
  • "Oh please, oh please let me miss!'
    while attacking during Jafar battle.
  • "I hope I miss!"
    while attacking during Jafar battle.
  • "Excuse me, could you um, RUN!"
    while attacking during Jafar battle.
  • "You can do it!"
    after successfully hitting during Jafar battle.
  • "Oh, hang in there guys!"
    when Sora takes damage.