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This page contains a list of quotes said by Alice during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "I'm on trial? But why?"
    upon Sora seeing her.
  • "Of course! I've done absolutely nothing wrong! You may be queen, but I'm afraid that doesn't give you the right to be so...so mean!"
    saying her defense to the Queen of Hearts.
  • "It's all we can do just to hold back the darkness."
    talking to Sora and company while in the Castle Chapel.
  • "'We must close the Keyhole before it's too late."
    talking to Sora.
  • "Thank you, Sora. I think the darkness has begun to weaken."
    after locking the Hollow Bastion's Keyhole.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

  • "What is this feeling? It's different from the darkness... Be careful, Sora!"
    talking to Sora about the portal leading to the Unknown.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Of course not! I've done nothing wrong!"
    while on trial.
  • "This is so unfair! So what if you're a queen! Don't blame me just because you can't remember things!"
    talking to Queen of Hearts.
  • "I don't mean to be ungrateful, but...was that true, what you said? Are you the thief?"
    talking to Sora and company whether they are the thief.
  • "Oh, look! It's the Cheshire Cat!"
    upon the Cheshire cat appearing.
  • "Sora, watch out! Something's coming!"
    before battling Trickmaster.
  • "But the Cheshire Cat said as much. "Try too hard to remember and your memory might lie to you." The queen would never admit she forgot. So instead, she remembered something...that didn't happen! She ended up fooling herself."
    upon the Queen of Hearts leaving.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • "Someone! Help! Help! Please!"
    upon meeting Data-Sora.
  • "Whew... Good riddance."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Why, yes! Thank you, er... I'm sorry, have we met?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Well, it's...it's... Oh, it's hopeless! I simply can't remember a thing!"
    trying to introduced herself to Data-Sora.
  • "Keyhole? Was it a very large Keyhole?"
    talking about the Keyhole.
  • "Hmm... Ooh, I can't seem to recall..."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Ohh, whatever was my name? It's on the tip of my tongue..."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes, of course! I'm Alice!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Well, let me think. It sort of...glowed, as I recall."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Hmm, well that's... Oh dear. I suppose I'm still a bit foggy about the details."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Do you think you could help me get my memory un-fuddled?"
    talking to Data-Sora about her memories.
  • "Oh, wonderful! Let's see... I was in a field of flowers, as I recall... Then I saw someone and began to follow them."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes, it was a White Rabbit, and he seemed in an awful hurry. I followed him into a burrow, then fell down...down something."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes, and what a very peculiar hole it was! That's how I got here. I tried to ask someone how to get home. Oh, who was it?"
    recalling one of her memories.
  • "That's right, the Cheshire Cat. And he suggested I visit the castle of...someone important."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Precisely! And while I was trying to ask the Queen of Hearts how to get home... Oh! There in her court is where I saw the Keyhole! You've done it! So, what shall we do? Go and have a look? Or perhaps you think I'm still forgetting something?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "At the Queen of Hearts' castle, I was captured by someone..."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes, yes, the card soldiers took me captive! And they were going to put me through the most horrible ordeal."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes, I was to be put on trial! But I managed to run away before they could begin. After that, I... Well, while I was chasing the White Rabbit, I stumbled upon a strange tea party. The two hosts were, um...the March Hare, and...and who?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Quite mad indeed. They were having the strangest celebration. It was an un-something. Unniversary? No, un-..."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes! An unbirthday party. Really, can you imagine? And then... Oh, yes! I met something...some-ONE who refused to wake from his nap!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Rather presumptuous, really, for a doorknob to speak! It gave me quite the start! Thank you. I feel I've finally remembered everything. And I remember finding this along the way. Please, you have it."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Now, shall we be off?"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "We have business in the court. Would you be so kind as to let us through?"
    to a card soldier.
  • "But your queen is the one who sent for us! I am sure she'll be quite disappointed that you turned us away..."
    to a card soldier.
  • "The same! I'd let us pass, if I were you, before she gets cross."
    talking to one of the card soldiers about trying to pass.
  • "Tee hee, don't be silly. Now, let's be off."
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Oh, don't mind us. We just need to have a quick look around."
    to the Queen of Hearts.
  • "Yes. Well, no... It's just, we're in a hurry, you see—"
    to the Queen of Hearts.
  • "Oh, please, Your Majesty! We haven't done a thing!"
    to the Queen of Hearts.
  • "Please, be reasonable. You have no evidence!"
    pleading that she is innocent.
  • "Oh no! Run, Sora!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Yes, over there! Inside that birdcage!"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Sora, where are you—"
    to Data-Sora.
  • "Well...all right. But don't let them catch you!"
    to Data-Sora.