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This page contains a list of quotes said by Aladdin during the course of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts coded.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Genie, get rid of these guys!"
    making his first wish.
  • "Same old stuff. Hunting legendary treasure. Just paid a visit to the Cave of Wonders. I found that magic carpet, and this lamp. Legend has it that whoever holds the lamp summon the—"
    talking about what he was doing and about the Genie.
  • "I think I'll put that on hold until we reach Agrabah."
    about his wish of being a wealthy prince.
  • "You see, there's this girl in Agrabah named Jasmine. But she's a princess, and I'm... Aw, she could never fall for a guy like me."
    talking about Jasmine.
  • "Say, Genie, what if I use my last wish to free you from the lamp? What do you think?"
    talking about his final wish.
  • "So, Jafar is after Jasmine and this “Keyhole”."
    talking about the Keyhole.
  • "To the desert! Come on, let's move!"
    after fighting Pot Centipede.
  • "Genie, no!"
    before fighting Jafar.
  • "So, Jasmine's no longer in Agrabah. Sora, let's go find her."
    talking about Jasmine and wanting to find her.
  • "I...I wish... ...for your freedom, Genie."
    before freeing Genie.
  • "A deal's a deal, Genie. Now, you can go anywhere you want. You're your own master. But if you can, it'd be great if you could go along with them and help Sora find Jasmine."
    talking to Genie about being his own master.
  • "Sora, please find Jasmine for me."
    after giving Sora Three Wishes Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • "Thanks! I thought I was done for!"
    before Sora fights more Heartless.
  • "Guess we'd better see if the legends are true. Magic lamp, my first wish! Get rid of these Heartless!"
    granting his first wish.
  • "It's this magic lamp I found in the Cave of Wonders. I need to get it to the palace right away! I'm lucky I made it back to Agrabah in one piece! The cave was crawling with Heartless."
    talking about going back to the palace.
  • "Well, there's this girl. Her name is Jasmine. She's princess of Agrabah. And...that's the problem. It's hard for a guy like me to get a chance to see her. That's how this all started. Jafar, the royal vizier, said he would help me meet Jasmine."
    talking about Jasmine and Jafar to Sora and company.
  • "Then I've no choice. Genie, I wish for you to save Jasmine!"
    granting his second wish.
  • "Why are you doing this, Jafar? I brought the lamp, just as you asked!"
    talking to Jafar about the lamp.
  • "Go ahead, use it to win Jasmine's heart. You'll still have us to deal with!"
    before Sora fights Jafar.
  • "Okay, here goes. I wish for Genie's freedom!"
    granting his final wish.
  • "I was wrong, Genie. If I used your help to win Jasmine...I'd be no better than Jafar. Jasmine means the world to me. I want to show her the real me."
    talking about Genie and Jasmine to Sora and company.
  • "Let's hope both our wishes come true, then. Take care, Sora!"
    before Sora leaves Agrabah.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

  • "I'll be okay. Besides, the sandstorm's finally let up--now's our chance to patch up the city."
    talking to Jasmine.
  • "I miss him, too, but this isn't a job for magic. Agrabah's our city. We need to be the ones to fix it up."
    talking to Jasmine about Genie and Agrabah.
  • "Unfortunately, yes. All the merchants were talking about it."
    talking about a sandstorm.
  • "I told you, you can't just take things from the marketplace!"
    talking to Abu about stealing in the marketplace.
  • "It's just like I said--the sandstorm moving across the desert up and vanished. Now we can finally go outside the city again."
    talking about the sandstorm vanishing.
  • "Eerily quiet. There are definitely fewer Heartless out there than before."
    talking to Jasmine about less Heartless in Agrabah.
  • "Or at least focus on getting things rebuilt."
    talking about rebuilding Agrabah.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "I...I wish... ...for your freedom, Genie."
    during Roxas's dream.
  • "Hi, Sora!"
    before chasing Abu.
  • "No hard feelings?"
    before The Peddler snatches back the lamp.
  • "No talking your way out of this one!"
    talking to Abu.
  • "No way! Still... I guess there's no foolin' Jasmine, huh? See, Genie and Carpet took off to see the world. It's what Genie always wanted, so I wished him the best and all, but..."
    talking about Jasmine and Genie to Sora and company.
  • "Treasure? That could be tricky..."
    after sora and company leaves he Peddler's Shop.
  • "The Cave of Wonders is over there, where the sinister-looking clouds are. It's a dangerous place, but we should be alright if we go together."
    talking about the cave of wonders.
  • "There. That one should do it."
    looking at the jeweled trophy.
  • "We gotta keep Jafar bottled up, or he's gonna destroy Agrabah!"
    talking about the lamp.
  • "That guy chasing the merchant was the one causing you trouble, right? Nothing good will come of that lamp being stolen. We'd better hurry, Sora!"
    talking about Pete.
  • "Way to go!"
    after Iago takes the lamp away from Pete.
  • "He must've secretly stolen it from the Cave of Wonders."
    talking about Abu stealing the ruby.
  • "Can't believe it... That stupid peddler let Jafar out of the lamp!"
    talking about the Peddler bringing out Jafar.
  • "You guys better be careful."
    after remembering Jafar.
  • "This is your one and only chance, Iago. If I find out later that you've been lying or hiding things from us, we're through. I'll never speak to you again!"
    talking to Iago about where Jafar is.
  • "I can't believe what that peddler did! We'd better put an end to this right now, before Jafar does anything!"
    talking about the Peddler and Jafar.
  • "Take it away, Genie!"
    before Genie vanishes a sandstorm.
  • "Jafar's got to be just up ahead. Be ready for anything, guys!"
    talking about Jafar.
  • "Get some rest, Carpet. You earned it."
    talking to Carpet.
  • "What was that you were saying, Jafar?"
    before Sora fights Jafar.
  • "Just like it was, please."
    talking to Genie about restoring Agrabah.
  • "Well, you've done it again, Sora. Don't forget about us, okay?"
    before Sora and company leaves Agrabah.
  • "Oh, and Sora, about that friend of yours—the one you're looking for… you'll find him. Trust me."
    talking to Sora about Riku.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

  • "I have a delivery to make. And... Since these weird monsters and blocks started showing up, I've been worried, so I'm checking up on the palace. What about you? Are you okay outside, on your own?"
    talking to Sora about what he is doing.
  • "The thing is, I'm looking for a friend. Her name is Jasmine. She's... very important to me. There's something I want to give her, but it looks like we just missed each other. I'm going to keep looking near the palace. If you don't mind, could you..."
    talking to Sora about a favor.
  • " Thanks! Thanks for your help. My name is Aladdin. Nice to meet you."
    introducing himself to Sora.
  • "That's exactly why I went to get this. We can use it to stop Jafar from doing as he pleases."
    talking to Jasmine.
  • "Ahah, he could be anywhere by now, since he's free."
    talking about Genie being free.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded[edit]

  • "Strange blocks? Weird monsters? Pick a reason. I managed to escape from that cave, but I've got to make sure my friend from the palace is safe, so--Hey, should you be out here? It's not safe on the streets."
  • "Ha ha, I stand corrected. Well, just keep both eyes open, okay? You look like you've been through your share of adventures."
  • "Oh! Hey, wait! Actually, do you have a minute? I need some help."
  • "I'm looking for a friend of mine. Her name's Jasmine and she's... Well, she's special. I've been worried sick, but I can't seem to track her down. I'll keep checking around the palace. If it's all right--"
  • "Great! You're a life-saver. I'm Aladdin, by the way."

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Sora!"
    when supporting Sora.
  • "Donald!"
    when supporting Donald.
  • "Goofy!"
    when supporting Goofy.
  • "Hoo!"
    when supporting himself.
  • "Thanks!"
    when supported.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • "Hang on!"
    when told to attack or retreat.
  • "Sora!"
    when retreating.
  • "Here I come!"
    when using Sandstorm.
  • "Here!"
    when using Crescent.
  • "Sorry, guys..."
    when knocked out.
  • "It's not over yet!"
    when revived.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • "Here!"
    when switched into the party.
  • "Time to get tough!"
    when switched into the party.
  • "I'm back!"
    when revived or starting Trick Fantasy.
  • "Not good!"
    when falling into low health.