Mission Crown

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You may be looking for the costume modifications in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
Reward Mission Crown KHD.pngMission Crowns Rank
Slot Releaser KHD.png Slot Releaser 1 Novice
Valor Gear KHD.png Valor Gear+ ② 2 Novice
Potion KHD.png Potion x 10 5 Novice
Ether KHD.png Ether x 10 8 Novice
Lift Gear KHD.png Lift Gear+ ③ 10 Novice
Blizzard KHD.png Blizzard x 3 15 Novice
Slot Releaser KHD.png Slot Releaser 20 Rookie
Aero KHD.png Aero x 3 25 Rookie
Panacea KHD.png Panacea x 10 30 Novice
Cura KHD.png Cura x 2 35 Rookie
Blizzara KHD.png Blizzara x 2 40 Rookie
Slot Releaser KHD.png Slot Releaser 45 Agent
Hi-Potion KHD.png Hi-Potion x 10 50 Novice
Hi-Ether KHD.png Hi-Ether x 10 55 Novice
Casual Gear KHD.png Mystery Gear ③ 60 Novice
Slot Releaser KHD.png Slot Releaser 65 Expert
Elixir KHD.png Elixir x 10 70 Novice
Limit Recharge KHD.png Limit Recharge x 5 75 Novice
Aerora KHD.png Aerora x 3 80 Expert
Slot Releaser KHD.png Slot Releaser 85 Master
Mega-Potion KHD.png Mega-Potion x 10 90 Novice
Mega-Ether KHD.png Mega-Ether x 10 100 Novice
Champion Gear KHD.png Ultimate Gear ⑥ 110 Master
Megalixir KHD.png Megalixir x 5 120 Novice
Aeroga KHD.png Aeroga 130 Master
Premium Orb KHD.png Premium Orb 140 Novice
Sliding Dash LV+ KHD.png Sliding Dash LV+ Ⓛ 150 Legend
Ring KHD.png Crimson Blood 160 Legend
Power Unit KHD.png Power Unit Ⓛ 170 Legend
Adamantite KHD.png Adamantite x 2[1] 180 Legend
Magic Unit KHD.png Magic Unit Ⓛ 190 Legend
Ring KHD.png Rune Ring 200 Legend
LV Quadrupler KHD.png LV Quadrupler ③ 220 Legend
Guard Unit KHD.png Guard Unit Ⓛ 240 Legend
LV Doubler KHD.png LV Doubler ⑥ 260 Legend
Slot Releaser KHD.png Slot Releaser 280 Legend
Ring KHD.png Master's Circle 358 Legend

Mission Crown KHD.png A Mission Crown (ミッションクラウン Misshon Kuraun?) is a key item that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Mission Crowns are obtained by completing any mission in Mission Mode, excluding Mission 00 and Mission 37, and can be redeemed at the Moogle Shop for various freebies, although they are not used up when redeemed.

The first time a mission is completed in solo Mission Mode, the player will obtain three to ten Mission Crowns, depending on the mission. In multiplayer, each player will receive at least one Mission Crown, and may receive more depending on how many Mission Points they finish with. On subsequent playthroughs, the player will only ever receive one Mission Crown. In the Japanese version, Mission Crowns are only obtainable in multiplayer (whoever having scored the highest Mission Points will get one Mission Crown; players who get ranked the first place will equally be awarded with Mission Crowns). After obtaining at least one Mission Crown in each Mission, the Limit Pass is made available for purchase in the Moogle Shop.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ In the Japanese version of the game, this is the Pandora's Gear ⑤ instead.

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