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First District
At the Accessory Shop, you can discover a plethora of information about the wiki.

Visit the Accesory Shop!

At the Item Shop, you can learn of our most popular content.

Visit the Item Shop!

At the Restaurant, you can learn about the inner workings of the wiki's community.

Visit the Restaurant!

At the Mailbox, you can learn how to address any technical difficulties you experience.

Visit the Mailbox!

Second District
At the Gizmo Shop, you can learn about some of the projects specific users have taken up.

Visit the Gizmo Shop!

At the Hotel, you can browse various areas of the wiki that need improvement.

Visit the Hotel!

At the 2nd District shops, you can browse the wiki's official projects.

Visit the Shops!

Third District
At the Fountain, you can vote in everyone's favorite tournament, the Mirage Arena!

Visit the Fountain!

At Merlin's House, you can browse the most important forum threads.

Visit Merlin's House!

At the Vacant House, you can learn all about the wiki's IRC channels.

Visit the Vacant House!

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