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Cosplay Contest[edit]

  • From September 10 through October 15, you may submit photos of a Kingdom Hearts-themed cosplay you have created to KingdomHeartsWikiBcrat (at) gmail (dot) com. Entries for the cosplay contest should have "Cosplay" in the subject.
  • If you have multiple photos of the same costume, please send them all together; if you have multiple costumes, you can send them in as separate entries. Both canon and fan-fiction costumes are allowed, as long as they are Kingdom Hearts-themed.
  • Cosplay entries will be posted to /Cosplay starting September 15, and voting will begin October 1. You can vote with a wiki account or an IP account, and you will be able to pick your five favorite costumes.
  • The top three winners will receive a Kingdom Hearts-themed artwork created by our community, based on the subject they request.
  • Prizes announced
  • Contest extended to October 15.

Trivia Contest[edit]

  • A set of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX-themed trivia questions will be posted September 20.
  • From September 25 to October 15, you may submit your answers for the questions to KingdomHeartsWikiBcrat (at) gmail (dot) com. The contest will end once the first contestant answers each question correctly, or on September 30. If the contest finishes with no perfect score, the winners will be those players with the highest score. Entrants may submit answers only once.
  • The judge's answers will be posted once the contest is over, and you can request your score if desired. If you would like to contest your score, please send an e-mail outlining your reasoning to KingdomHeartsWikiBcrat (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • The top three winners will receive a Kingdom Hearts-themed artwork created by our community, based on the subject they request.
  • Start of contest has been postponed to September 24.
  • Prizes announced.
  • Contest extended to October 15.
  1. What are the ingredients for Dr. Finkelstein's artificial heart?
  2. Of the thirteen floors in Castle Oblivion, how many do NOT represent worlds from Kingdom Hearts?
  3. What two new abilities were added to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX?
  4. The replica known as "No. i" is a copy of which character?
  5. What is the minimum number of Gales that must be used to create the Ultima Weapon? Include the Gales needed to make the items required to unlock the Ultima Weapon as well.
  6. What character from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep cameos in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?
  7. In the Hollow Bastion library, which book series do you find multiple volumes for?
  8. Which spells can be skipped entirely in Kingdom Hearts?
  9. How many seeds are in the Hades Cup?
  10. What happens when Sora turns on the faucet in Wonderland?
  11. Name the Princesses of Heart that appear in Chain of Memories.
  12. Sora can earn Tech Points by using what magic on Yellow Operas?
  13. How many Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days appear in the ReMIX version of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories?
  14. What magic should be cast on a spinning White Mushroom?
  15. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, how many more Secret Reports are there than entries in Roxas's Diary?
  16. How many Tech Points can Sora earn by stunning the Mysterious Man with Gravity?

17-30. Who is the first character you see in each world, who is native to that world? Note: Be careful answering for Traverse Town and Hollow Bastion! Dive to the Heart and the Realm of Darkness are not included as worlds.

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