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Okay, so this one is pretty straightforward. As some of you might have learned, we now have a youtube channel, where we should put all the videos that we plan to use.


  1. All videos should use the English game where possible, and the Japanese game elsewhere.
  2. Boss videos should showcase our strategies, not anyone else's. If the strategy articles need to be rewritten, that can be arranged too.
    1. The strategies used should follow the same guidelines as in the articles:
      1. Needs to be the "cheapest" method, meaning that no level-grinding or hard-to-get techniques or weapons are needed for it to work.
      2. Needs to be applicable to the highest difficulty.
      3. Needs to be a zero-damage run if at all feasible.
      4. Needs to be efficient, meaning that the boss is defeated as quickly as feasible.
  3. Mission videos should show you how to complete the mission or challenge 100%, getting a full Mission Gauge and all treasures, even if you have to drop some after obtaining them.
  4. Cutscene videos should show the whole cutscene.
  5. If another youtube user has already uploaded a perfect video, you may ask them if we can host a copy of the video on our channel, crediting them as the original uploader.


Please list the videos that you would like uploaded to the channel. If you see a video request that you would like to take care of, please sign your name after it with ~~~.


KrytenKoro - This is the song that runs under the credits; these are the credits, so this is where it goes. 'has nothing to do with the movie so we'll say, "Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey hey hey hey!"
Do we want to open up the youtube channel to the other-language wikis?

Is anyone interested in us doing some sort of vlog?

Will we have one person in charge of uploads, or will we share the password with a larger group on a case-by-case basis?

I'm hoping that, by at latest August, we can have all embedded videos replaced with our own copies.