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The following rules are important, and not to be taken lightly. Violations will quickly result in kicks and bans. Although these rules will be enforced, users should be aware that the ops cannot deal with a violation until it has happened, so be prepared for that possibility.

These rules apply to everyone on the main channel. Even ops can be disciplined if they violate these rules. Furthermore, users are responsible for the content of their private messages with other users. However, if an op learns that you are using private messages to harass another user, you will still be disciplined.

  1. Be courteous of other users
    1. Do not use the channel to harass other users, whether through insults, spam, or just in general being annoying. If a user asks you to stop doing something, stop it immediately, and then you can discuss the situation with them.
    2. Do not post spoilers to material that hasn't been available for at least a month.
  2. Have consideration for younger users
    1. This means that you should not use swearwords, speak about inappropriate topics, or post NSFW links. This rule is not to "keep from offending delicate sensibilities". A large portion of our users are minors, and there is a distinct likelihood that their parents could ban them from the wiki or IRC for viewing inappropriate material.
    2. The bot, NumberXVMoogle, has a cussword-detecting function that will report most violations to an op (see here for a list). THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT'S OKAY AS LONG AS THE BOT DOESN'T REPORT YOU. If you think a word might be inappropriate, don't use it.
  3. Do not sockpuppet
    1. It is acceptable, for the purpose of socialization, to play with your name. However, it is not acceptable to do so for the sake of deception, such as trying to evade a ban or impersonate another user. Any sockpuppeting will result in an immediate kick.
    2. It is preferred that you use your Wikia username on the IRC, though this is not a requirement.
  4. Do not spam
    1. Don't throw a wall of meaningless text on the page, and don't keep posting if others have told you they don't care. The IRC is a chat, not a graffiti wall.
    2. Although the bot is a tool to play with, it is still considered spam if you abuse it after being asked to stop.
    3. Please use English. It is considered spam to purposefully use languages or styles of typing that are difficult to understand, such as 133t sp33k or text abbreviations.
    4. Do not abuse the /me command, such as for role-play. It is considered spam.

Violation policy[edit]

If an op is present, they will probably deal with the violation themselves. However, if no op is present, or they don't seem to have notice the violation, you can contact an op through private message or wiki talk page and leave them a transcript of the violation, so that they can deal with it when they return to the IRC.

In the mean time, you can use the ignore command (/ignore nick) to keep a specific user from contacting you, and the clear command (/clear) to empty your screen.


The standard procedure for dealing with repeated violations is:

  1. Warn the user, identifying the rule that they have broken.
  2. Tell the user that they have recieved their final warning.
  3. Kick the user from the channel.
  4. Ban the user from the channel. Bans usually start at one day, then progress to three days, one week, and then a permanent ban.

More serious cases may require more immediately harsh punishments.

For problem violators, it may be wise to keep a log of any diciplinary measures already taken, so that the violator doesn't just keep getting warnings from different ops. Permanently-banned users should also be listed, so that other ops can know if the user is trying to evade their ban.

The warning log and maintenance of it can be viewed here. Ops, the warning log from the bot is viewable here. The username is "admin", and you know the password.