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Kingdom Hearts: Sora Florida Meets Hannah Montana is a limited-edition, free crossover game demo that was distributed to promote Disney Channel's 2006 teen-friendly line-up, including the debut of their new series, Hannah Montana, as well as the release of Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts: Sora Florida Meets Hanna Montana seems to have been in development since early 2005, while Kingdom Hearts II was already underway. Originally planned as a plain Kingdom Hearts II demo, Disney had secured a deal for a new television series called Hannah Montana. Very late in the development of the demo, a suggestion was made to place elements of the yet-to-be released Hannah Montana series, along with bits from other already successful Disney Channel series, into the game by Disney. Disney hoped they could use this to attract an older audience, since the plot they had planned for Kingdom Hearts II was much more complex that Kingdom Hearts's plot. (more....)

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