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(インパルス Inparusu?)
Impulse KHRECOM.gif
Element Power Card Combination Enemy Card Boost
Neutral Part 1: x2.0
Part 2: x5.0
Shock wave: x4.0
Duel: 3 cards

Impulse is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. It allows Riku to knock foes into the air before slamming them down to the ground, damaging multiple enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Impulse is a Duel Sleight that is activated by winning a three-card duel against an enemy. The attack is initiated by shooting a ball of energy at the enemy, similar to Dark Firaga, knocking it into the air. The user then executes a high jump towards the enemy, followed by a powerful downward strike that slams the enemy to the ground and unleashes a shockwave that damages all nearby enemies upon impact.

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