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Furious Shout

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Furious Bellow
(フュリアスベロウ Fyuriasu Berou?)
Knock out surrounding enemies with a raging bellow. [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP.]
Attack Element Power Crit
Deflect Recoil
Furious Bellow Stun Strength +12 0%
AP Cost 3 MP Cost 1
Furious Shout
(フュリアスベロウ Fyuriasu Berou?, lit. "Furious Bellow")
Knocks down nearby enemies with enraged shouts. MP Cost: 10
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Furious Shout Attack Command None x5.0 X X
AP Cost 2 MP Cost 10

Furious Shout, also translated as Furious Bellow, is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. It allows the user to knock out surrounding enemies with raging bellows. It is one of Beast's signature abilities.


In Kingdom Hearts, Furious Bellow is a combat ability exclusive to Beast that stuns enemies. It is a special attack that costs 3 AP to equip and 1 MP to use.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Furious Shout is an action ability exclusive to Beast. It costs 2 AP to equip and 10 MP to use.

Learning Furious Bellow[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • Beast has Furious Bellow as a default ability.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Beast has Furious Shout as a default ability.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game[edit]

In the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game, Furious Bellow is the technique of Beast Cards. When discarding a Beast card from your Friend Area, you may choose one Dark/Heartless card in play and discard it. The higher the level of the Beast card, the higher the level of the Dark/Heartless card that can be discarded.

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