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I hate to be pointing fingers, but someone is going through various pages on the wiki and wiliking every single freakin' Kingdom Hearts-related thing everytime any of said words appear. According to the manual of style: "Wikilinking is limited to the first occurrence of the word or phrase." So, please, whoever is doing that: Cut. It. Out. I know when I'm trying to write up a page, it takes very careful observations to make sure I have every first occurance of important words linked, and for someone to come along and link everything undoes all of that work. So again, please don't over wikilink! Thanks.

Unless, of course, I am misinformed, and a new policy about linking all occurances of a word have been introduced. In that case, my bad. But if that is the situation, then that would mean the Manual of Style requires an update...

Bluer says at 12:33, 1 September 2008 (UTC)
The MoS is now set in stone and no new policy is introduced - what's in the Manual of Style is how we do things here. If you see it not followed, by all means please ensure it does.

Yup, I keep coming across those, too. Sometimes the page can be reverted without losing subsequent edits, sometimes not. Either way, I agree it's a big pain to keep fixing. BebopKate 21:39, 1 September 2008 (UTC)