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this was reposted from the sora talk page, I was told that this should have gone here. now should I deleet the one on the talk page? (lol im such a wiki noob XD)

I did some mental math recently about soras existance, espicaly his breaking into multiple forms. This therory is compleatly non-cannon and in fact may be nothing but a coincidence,

the therory is: between the events of soras seperations and his reunion, the number of extra Components (Short hand word for body heart and soul)is equal to the number of drive forms that enhance his powers.

  • it starts with sora who as a regular boy had the 3 usual components (3)
  • after merging with kairis heart he had 4 components this is the state of his being durring his "sacrifice" to save kairi (3+1)
  • at this point 3 entitys are spawnd: soras heartless with the heart being its only component, Roxas who is the 2 remaining components, and namine who dose not effect this portion of the mathmatics 4/2-1= 1 and 2 the left of the equalside dosent look right but its a prety complicated event
  • at this point soras heartless is restored this adds 2 components out of nowhere (1+2 and 2)
  • sora gets put to sleep and No i is created, and i assume that this would give her a heart (3 and 2 and 3)
  • Xion then gets absorbed by Roxas ( this works because memories flow between him and roxas in both directions as opposed to the parasitc nature of Xion) (3and 5)
  • finaly sora unites with roxas (3+5=8)

the extra components are the source of power for his 5 drive forms, valor, wisdom, master, final, and anti. im not sure about the Xion gaining a heart portion, that part is heavily speculative. comments? --Foutlet 23:19, November 22, 2009 (UTC)

Niko96 - Got it memorized?
TALK - You won't forget this!
And now that we know about Ven and Sora's relation, that would add 1 more, for Limit Form. I guess that this theory does work...