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FA icon.png Alright. I've noticed that I've checked the Special pages and for some pages, I believe that I've added ILs (interlanguage links) for the third time already. I'm absolutely positive that I had put in the ILs into those pages, yet they keep being removed.

The consensus on interlanguage links is this :

Interlanguage/interwiki links are optional, but they are encouraged. Note that once an interwiki link has been placed, it should not be deleted unless at least one of the following circumstances are fulfilled:

  • The interwiki link is a broken link, which means that it directs to an empty, unwritten page.
  • The current link is being replaced by another link, either after the renaming of a page, or to prevent redirection.

See the Recent Changes and you can imagine how I was fuming. Because the links I had put in there were not broken links ; they led to actual pages.

Now, I'm not sure who's doing this, but please stop. The whole point of having Wikia in different language settings is ultimately for us to link all the related articles together. Just like Wikipedia does. And also, when we have an IL in a page, and someone lands on KHW and wants to search the French version of a page, instead of dragging his trunk onto the front page, he can directly type it into the sidebar and he'll be directed to KHFR's version of the page, for example. No, seriously. Type fr:Sora in the search bar and see what you get !

This is meant to be a function for all, especially those who have played other versions of KH ; please don't take it off.


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I've looked through the history of Monochrome, and I honestly can't see you adding the IL in the first place, or anyone removing it. I went back to early 2009, in the edits, so unless you did it more than a year ago, you might have just missed it.
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FA icon.png I'm positive that I added it in...

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