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Keyhole15 - I'll never forgive you, Xehanort!
TALK - 13:27, April 5, 2010 (UTC)
Vsymbol1.pngif i had to choose i would choose beast's castle,pride lands,monsto,deep jungle,port royal,disney castle/disney town,castle of dreams, and hollow bastion/radaion garden.


Disneyvillainman - Hades (card).png I'm what you might call an expert in the art of Darkness.
TALK - Rather a stubborn ol' goat, wouldn't ya say?
Other Emblem.png Ok Here's My Top 5 Favorite Worlds

5. Port Royal

4. Traverse Town

3. Olympus Coliseum

2. Pridelands

1. Hollow Bastion

Bananaphone1996: Halloween Town. No contest. Loved the movie, loved the tone.

Arzis: The best worlds would have to be Olympus Coliseum and Hollow Bastion.

coolkid1221: top 10 10:olympus colloseum 9:port royal 8:space paranoids 7:agrabah 6:neverland 5:hallow bastion 4:world that never was 3:halloween town 2:deep jungle 1:wonderland