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Sean - Sean Wheeler
TALK - 17:06, 8 January 2018 (UTC)
Remember Sora's voice in the original Kingdom Hearts game? Iconic isn't it. Too bad it's not very consistent with the rest of the series. Sora was voiced by Haley Joel Osment and in the time between KH1 and KH2, Haley's voice got deeper with puberty. The deeper voice was justified in KH2 because it took place a year after KH1 and Sora grew taller. But then it got ridiculous with Re:Chain of Memories which continued that KH1 epilogue with Sora, Donald and Goofy chasing Pluto. When we first hear him inside Castle Oblivion, he already sounds like his 15-year-old self from KH2. How did he go from his KH1 voice "We gotta find Riku and King Mickey" to his KH2 voice "Seriously? Me too. One look at this castle and I just knew. Our very best friends they're here" in only a few hours without anyone pointing out the drastic changes? Goofy should have asked "What's going on with your voice," instead of just saying "I guess great minds think alike. Maybe Sora's pubescent voice isn't canon, his actor was just under contract and his voice deepened? His japanese voice didn't change, did it? Now look at Kingdom Hearts Re:coded where the digital Sora has a more mature voice than the Sora he's based on in the timeline. So if they remake KH1 and rerecord Sora's lines with Haley's adult voice, would that be better or worse for the game? Would it ruin some moments where he had better delivery with his kid voice?