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Game: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep [JAP]

From: EBOOT.BIN (decrypted) or EBOOT.OLD (for Prometheus users)

Focus: Character name 'Vanitus'

Offset: 00339b80-00339ce5


00339b80-00339b92 / SetCopyModelVanitus

00339ba4-00339bc6 / EnableVanitusKeyBladeLeaderAutoCtrl

00339bc8-00339be8 / EnableVanitusKeyBladeLeaderDispOn

00339bec-00339c08 / SetVanitusKeyBladeAttackParam

00339c0c-00339c26 / EnableVanitusKeyBladeAttack

00339c9a-00339caf / pAAddCopyModelVanitusF

00339cb4-00339ccb / NotifyStartDLinkVanitusF

00339cd0-00339ce5 / SetupAirBattleVanitusF

Other Information:

- In VanitusF, F means Flying

How to Find:

*If you have the original unmodified ISO, you have to decrypt EBOOT.BIN

*If you see EBOOT.OLD inside the ISO, do not extract EBOOT.BIN

*EBOOT.OLD is already decrypted

- Extract the EBOOT.BIN (encrypted) or EBOOT.OLD from ISO

- Decrypt EBOOT.BIN (encrypted) with EDecrypt, GameZDecryptZ, or PRXdecrypter

- Use a Hex Editor with a Find function

- Open the EBOOT.BIN (decrypted) or EBOOT.OLD

- Using the Find function

- Search for the keyword Vanitus


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Sorry if my post was long and technical... look I simplified it... I just wanted to say that Square Enix uses the name Vanitus as an internal name for Vanitas (fused with Ventus) complete with a guide to find it as a proof... --